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Loft Lid downlight cover

Loft Lid downlight cover
Loft Lid downlight cover

The Loft Lid creates a protective barrier around downlights to prevent over heating and house fires.  The design ensures loft insulation does not directly contact downlights and that there is sufficient ventilation around the light for heat dissipation.

The Loft Lid also eliminates heat loss and air leakage into the loft space and allows for a continuous layer of insulation to be laid over the top of the lid.

 The unique shape enables the product to be easily installed even when downlights are located close to roof joists or trusses and provides sufficient volume for all major brands of downlighters up to a maximum power rating of 50W.

 The Loft Lid also creates an effective dust seal, acoustic seal and is extremely easy to install.  Better still it is designed and manufactured in the UK and has been tested and approved to BS EN60598, BS EN60695 and IP6X.  

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