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What a difference! It was easy to place in the chimney, and it has kept us warm over 2 winters. We have not had any need to take it out of the chimney and it has sat where placed through all the very high winds and what a difference to the heat in the room. I only wish I had known about it a lot sooner!

P Morley

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with your product. It has eliminated many draughts from our lounge. We highly recommend it.

Hilary and Richard

I just want to say thank you very much, our house is so much cosier these days :-) We have a rental property which urgently needs chimney sheep too so I will be ordering more from you soon!


Thank you for sending our chimney sheep, we have only just installed it because of plastering works with all its dust. It fits perfectly and the cat is now breathing a sigh of relief that she is no longer under threat (she is very long furred) Herdys are some of our favourite sheep when walking in Cumbria, we have mugs to celebrate them, so it is great that you have found this wonderful use for their wool.

John and Lesley

Thank you for your e.mail, my sheep has been delivered & installed & has made all the difference, thank you so much for a wonderful product.


Just a note to say a big thank you to you customer service team . I ordered a chimney sheep last Tuesday 17th November at 4pm, your customer service team that I spoke to were outstanding, I was advised that I would have to have a bespoke chimney sheep done for me, even with having to have one made it arrived on Thursday 19th November, and fitted perfectly. Thank you for your expertise and very fast service. I will be recommending your company to other people. Thanks again, and good luck for the future.


My chimney sheep has arrived and is earning its keep very well! Thank you very much, I can feel a noticeable improvement in the temperature of my house, plus it is quieter too.


Just wanted to say my chimney sheep arrived within 2 working days of ordering - well done. It's great to be able to support our sheep farmers who I know from watching 'Countryfile' struggle to make money from fleeces. I was also very pleased to have an environmentally friendly way of stopping the draught from our chimney. We don't have a fire and the 'sheep' is more a permanent item. I was also pleased to support fair trade by buying the lovely butterfly to hang from the 'sheep'. Will definitely recommend you as I was told about your firm by my brother. One happy customer


Just wanted to say I recently ordered two chimney sheeps and they are a brilliant idea. Easy to install, clean, store and superfast delivery, extremely impressed and will definitely be recommending you to folk we know would also benefit from using one of these.

Mr Bench

Thank you very much for your email and placing our order. We received our little sheep and it is proving extremely useful. Kind regards and thank you again.


Thank you for my order we are delighted with our chimney sheep.


We recently received the new 'sheep' and it fits perfectly. Thank you again for your help in this matter


The sheep has arrived and it fits perfectly. It’s a simple but brilliant solution and the heart I got to hang from the end is so pretty and adds something decorative in its own right, not just a reminder not to use the fire and accidentally roast the sheep! I shall be recommending these to people I know, especially since they are so easy to fit and such an economic way to cut down on the carbon footprint as well as reduce heating bills, since we only actually use the fireplace occasionally. And when needed it’s so easy to remove and replace.


Thank you for such speedy delivery. So well made and it fits snugly into our chimney and immediately stopped the draughts. So much more effective than the ugly bubble wrap previously being used!


Many thanks for the chimney sheep, it is unbelievable how much difference it has made to the temperature in our house. Before the sheep, I was having to wear two pairs of socks in our living room there was such a draught now that's gone - I'm so pleased!!!


Many thanks for sending our Chimney Sheep so quickly. We're delighted with it because at last the draughts that have been blowing down the chimney in our spare room have stopped! The chimney is at least 40 feet high so those draughts could really whistle down it! And we are so pleased that it's a good use for the wool of the lovely Herdwicks.

Liz and David

The trapezium shaped chimney sheep you made for me arrived yesterday and fits much better than the rectangular one and is keeping out the cold draughts nicely! Many thanks for your help with this.


We are very happy with the packaging and delivery of the Sheep this morning, and it's all its place in the chimney already.

Glyn and Glenys, from Wales where there are lots of sheep!

Just wanted to say what a fantastic product this is. I can't believe the difference. The fact that it is made from natural fibres and so easy to install AND such a brilliant price :-) Thank you for my cosy living room!!


Absolutely delighted with my chimney sheep- my daughter is finally getting a good night sleep without the howling chimney keeping her awake.


Thank you for sending the sheep and it is now well placed up the chimney. Toastie warm now. Great draught excluder. I can now sit on a different sofa.


Just to say we are sooooo pleased with our sheep. It's got rid of the draughts from chimney we don't know ourselves. We have a 14 year old house with lots of mysterious draughts through keyholes etc and all of these have also disappeared. Amazing. Only little thing is if the dangly thing we bought (butterfly) could be a bit longer (with longer string) it would be even better. We are telling everyone about them!! Happy new year.

Ciara, Co Armagh

My replacement Sheep arrived today and fits beautifully. I’d like to thank you all for your efficient, helpful and swift service. Wishing you all a good Christmas and a very happy New Year.


I've been amazed with how quickly I noticed the difference, in sound levels, and reduction in draughts in the room. Would recommend it to anyone.


I am truly impressed. My house is traditionally freezing. I installed a chimney sheep 2 days ago and there is no draught! I don't think it will ever be tropical but it isn't brass monkeys. It's bliss!

Sarah, Erdington

Thank you for the new Chimney Sheep; it fits perfectly. Great product and service.

Jo Summerell

Many thanks Jennifer.The sheep has definitely draught-proofed our living space. Once again, our sincere thanks for the speed in delivery, a great product and brilliant customer service.


Managed to get my chimney sheep up the chimney. Not easy as I have to reach behind the protruding hood & narrow opening, and it is a bit squished as I couldn't get it all the way up, but it now provides a solid block and I can’t believe how much warmer the whole downstairs is. Previously the room with the chimney was always much colder since it faced north as well. Even secondary glazing didn't help all that much, nor the foil insulation sheet behind radiator and also in front of the damper we had put in, but now it is almost as warm as back of house! Very impressed. Wish I’d bought it 10 years ago (but maybe you weren't around then!) Only problem will be getting it in and out when we have the occasional real fire, but I suspect practice will make perfect.

Terry, London

I received the new sheep last week, fitted and noticed the temperature difference that evening. Thank you very much for exchanging the sheep for me.


Thank you, he's in!


Thank you for your prompt service. Chimney Sheep arrived yesterday and is already installed. Great idea. Previously used to cover over fireplace with cling film!


I have received my sheep and it fits perfectly. Last year I had a chimney balloon, however in cold weather it would shrink and fall out the chimney making it useless. As this happened repeatedly it resulted in a puncture in the balloon.


The Chimney Sheep works a dream. We are looking forward to a significantly warmer room this winter.

Martin M

Just wanted to let you know that the sheep arrived last Friday, installed it Saturday and it's a perfect fit! Thanks for all your help.

Martin P

100 percent brilliant service. I ordered over the 'phone and 2 chimney sheep arrived within 24 hours. How brill is that! Thank you. (And idiot-proof installation too).

Lucy, London

I ordered a Chimney Sheep last week, and was so delighted with the result, that I am ordering another for a different fireplace. I found the speed and efficiency with which you dealt with my order particularly pleasing. Thank you.

Frances, Cambridgeshire

Super fast delivery, great item that works perfectly.

D Brown

Just a line to thank you for your efficient and friendly service. The excluder was delivered on Saturday and fitted by my son in law on Sunday in a very few minutes.


Just to say I love my n b f - Everytime I go into my lounge I laugh at the thought of a sheep up the chimney - especially one with a chicken hanging on to his tail! (By the way it really works kept out the howling winds last night) Great idea


I received my chimney sheep a few weeks ago and wanted to say 'thanks' and it works a draught coming down the chimney. Great idea and so simple...well done for a great product.


Crumbs - well impressed, arrived Christmas Eve. Installed and making a real difference.


Hello I just wanted to say thank you for my excellent chimney sheep. We have an enormous knocked out fire place in the basement, next to our kitchen, that used to suck all the heat out of the room. We got a 14 x 36 chimney sheep which has revolutionised the whole area. Our rather inadequate central heating now heats the whole basement, I only wish I had known about chimney sheep earlier. Thank you.


Just wanted to thank you for sorting out the next size up sheep for me. The room is notably warmer now, I have high hopes (well low, really!) for the next heating bill! Many thanks


Hi I just wanted to add a testimonial to your already long list. The chimney sheep is a stroke of genius. Thank you! I've been using a homemade wood and foam version for the last decade, so wasn't sure if your product would be much different. How pleasantly surprised am I? The wind is howling, the snow is horizontal and our power is out, but we are all warm in what is normally a rather chilly room. I can't believe the difference. If you're unsure whether to order, don't be! :)


Sally, just to say a huge thank you for getting our four lovely sheep in the post for the weekend! They arrived on Saturday in time to be put in place before our visitors arrived. I had one in our spare bedroom, and a little girl on a mattress on the floor right next to the fireplace (she had to be there because her mum was on the bed next to her!) - and I didn't worry about draughts for a second! I think having them has given us peace of mind that the chimneys spaces are now as wind-tight as they possibly can be. I love the product and the literature that you've produced too - fun and informative. I really hope the business does well. It's a great idea and you deserve every success. I will spread the word! Thanks so much again.


Thanks for the note with my recently delivered chimney sheep regarding the long rod flexibility. I did have a problem installing it as it requires a degree of force (the throat is 11inches square for a 15inch round chimney sheep). Also, the slopes into the throat are different on each side as the chimney is diverting from the vertical, so this tends to cause the felt pad to rotate from the horizontal and the extension rod then buckles under the force. Fortunately, your note gave me a clue and I used a piece of plastic basin drain pipe cut to length. This worked perfectly, especially when used to tap the felt into place rather than just push it. I’ve now got a well sealed chimney, and just in time as it is windy tonight.