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I'm so pleased with my recent order. Even with the February gales and driving rain, the chimneys have been draught-free and our rooms much warmer. A brilliant idea that really works: I shall spread the word.

Sally Jaine

I bought your product a few weeks ago and can't believe the difference in temperature in the house. I know the winter hasn't been particularly cold this year, but we have had some very windy days and the chimney sheep seems to have eliminated all the draughts normally associated with them. The increased heat is particularly noticeable early in the morning, where in the past all the heat would have been lost up the chimney. I wish I had got one year ago, it would have saved me a fortune.
Thank you.


Well, thank you very much for designing such a brilliant product. We bought our chimney sheep a few days ago and I've already noticed the difference - no longer a draughty room but a snug cosy room to sit in.
A brilliant idea, and it's fantastic that you're using local wool. Win-win all round.
Good luck for the future - with this product you deserve to go far.


Hi, just to say how great the chimney sheep is!
We cannot believe how it has eliminated the howling draught that used to rush between our double doors, forcing them open at times.
We feel snug and cosy in our living room and cannot help but get up now and again to check the complete absence of draught - it is a marvel!

Steve and Joan