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Hi, we purchased ours a few weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that it's working really well. We have an open fire every now and again, so it's really easy to take out and put back into the chimney. The wool is pliable enough to cover the opening. Overall, we're really happy with the product. Thanks.


The only question I have is - why I didn't find your product before!! Arrived this morning, thank you for the very prompt delivery, I have stuck it up behind the cowl of my fireplace which leads to a Victorian three storey chimney (with the sort of proportions that they used to send up small boys to clean) and it has made an instant difference, now more howling gales - yipee. Incidentally I love the sheep wool smell :-) but there again, I spin raw wool for fun so I'm probably just weird.


I just wanted to say how happy we are with our 'sheep'. We've only been using it a couple of days but have noticed a real difference already. With a 2 year old and a newborn we wanted something to stop drafts in our living room and this has really worked. Simple and effective. Thank you.


Many thanks for a super product, such a simple but most effective design. The metal heart dangling down looks perfect. I will be fitting it at my ex-daughter in law's house and she will be delighted with the heat savings. I can now remove the foam I stuffed up the chimney last week. Have been looking for something suitable for quite some time. Fortunately I came across your website. Chimney draughts are unfortunately ignored in most official papers dealing with energy conservation. I will also spread the news for you as I go along and hopefully it will generate the odd demand for this product. Best regards and good luck with your business. Our sheep has been put in place and not a moment too soon! The constant draught has been effectively dealt with and we are warm and cosy. Thoroughly recommended.


Hello Sally. Had meant to write sooner to say Thank You for the ‘re-sized’ sheep which is very comfortable in its new home. All working well and room is much warmer.


The Chimney Sheep is excellent. I bought and fit in my chimney in September and it has stopped the massive draughts coming down my chimney. My heating bills have also reduced! Such a simple idea, yet very effective! Thank you.


Just to let you know that I received my order on Monday of this week. many thanks for your help. I will now order another chimney sheep for my other fire as I am so pleased with it.


Many thanks for the Chimney Sheep which arrived today. It fits perfectly and keeps out all the draughts, and it is easy to fit and remove.