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Published 26 Oct 2016

12 reasons you need a sheep in your chimney this winter

As winter approaches, we’ve got twelve great reasons why a Chimney Sheep draught excluder, made in the UK from Herdwick sheep, is the perfect solution to prevent heat loss from living spaces.

  1. The Buildings Research Establishment estimate that 80 cubic metres of air is lost up a chimney per hour
  2. If this is warm air heated by your central heating, then that’s a roomful of warm air lost in an hour
  3. All that warm air is replaced by cold air pulled in round doors, windows and leaky parts of the house
  4. Having an open chimney is like having a window open all the time
  5. The University of Liverpool estimate that an average of over 4% of household heating is saved by plugging the gap with a Chimney Sheep
  6. Each Sheep saves around 1050kWh per year
  7. There are around 11 million homes with open chimneys in the UK
  8. If each home with a chimney used a Chimney Sheep, around 3 power station’s worth of energy would be saved per year
  9. If each home with a chimney used a Chimney Sheep, around 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide would be saved per year
  10. The average price of a Chimney Sheep is £25.
  11. The average amount saved on a heating bill per year is £64
  12. Chimneys are the most significant air leakage elements in the house to be considered as they can lose as much heat as all the draughty windows and doors put together.

The Chimney Sheep is available in nine different sizes, available from various online stores, including, Amazon, and B&Q’s website

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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