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Make your home more energy-efficient with a Chimney Sheep®

A Chimney Sheep® chimney draught excluder will make your home more energy-efficient, helping you to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint. Try our calculators below to find out what difference a Chimney Sheep® will make to your property.

Try our easy savings calculator

A Chimney Sheep® draught excluder will reduce heating bills by about 5%. This is currently a reduction of about £96 per year on average (based on the current Energy Price Cap of £1,928). If you want a more accurate savings figure for your type of property, use our savings calculator below. You’ll need to input details about where you are in the UK, your property type and your current heating unit price.

Your Winter Climate?

Your Property?

You could be saving


each year

Cool (Scotland)

An open chimney is likely to be the single biggest source of air loss in a home, drawing air out of a building at an average rate of 80 cubic metres per hour. It's comparable to leaving a window open all the time, but is exacerbated by the stack effect. It causes warm air to be pulled out of your home via your chimney and cold air pulled in, during the winter. In the summer, warm air is pulled in via your chimney and cold air is pulled out. Our calculator will tell you what the heat energy transfer rate is in your property at a certain time and how much energy wastage that equates to in your home.

Cross-sectional area of flue (Feet)

* Cubic Feet per Minute

Heat Transfer Rate:

BTUH, which is about


  • Run a tumble dryer for 0 hours
  • Leave a hair dryer on for 0 hours
  • Run a grill for 0 hours
  • Or run an electric heater for 0 hours

Find the perfect Chimney Sheep® for your flue

There is no such thing as a universal chimney draught excluder as each chimney is different in shape and size. To determine the best size Chimney Sheep® for your chimney, you’ll need to measure your flue and use our size calculator. Simply choose your chimney shape and input your chimney dimensions to get the perfect size.

Not sure how to measure your chimney?

Watch our video for simple steps!

Chimney Sheep® size calculator

Not sure what size you need? Input your measurements into the sizing calculator and hey presto, it’ll tell you which sized Chimney Sheep® is perfect for your flue

Select chimney shape

Enter your chimney dimensions

Width (Diameter)
Download sizing chart (PDF)
Our range will fit most chimney flues. However, with the huge variation, inevitably there'll be some that don’t match our standard sizes. If this is the case, Get in touch with your chimney dimensions and we’ll quote for a bespoke Chimney Sheep®.

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