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How to measure for a Chimney Sheep®

To ensure that you get a Chimney Sheep® chimney draught excluder that works effectively, you’ll need to ensure you get the correct shape and size. To get the right shape and size chimney draught stopper, you’ll need to measure your chimney flue. Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple. You can watch our ‘How to measure’ video or follow our simple step-by-step instructions below. Measuring your chimney can be a bit of a messy job so we recommend you don’t wear your Sunday best!

What you’ll need for this

Now that you’ve got your measurements...

Find your perfect fit! Input your measurements into the sizing calculator hey presto, it’ll tell you which sized Chimney Sheep® you need. Remember to add the extra extension rods to your order if you need them. The size you need will be a few inches bigger than the dimensions of your flue so it wedges into your flue and stays in place. Any excess felt will squash and fold into the flue to fit and create a nice seal with no gaps.

Not sure how to measure your chimney?

Watch our video for simple steps!

Chimney Sheep® size calculator

Not sure what size you need? Input your measurements into the sizing calculator and hey presto, it’ll tell you which sized Chimney Sheep® is perfect for your flue

Select chimney shape

Enter your chimney dimensions

Width (Diameter)
Download sizing chart (PDF)
Our range will fit most chimney flues. However, with the huge variation, inevitably there'll be some that don’t match our standard sizes. If this is the case, Get in touch with your chimney dimensions and we’ll quote for a bespoke Chimney Sheep®.
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How much could you save with a Chimney Sheep®?

Use our savings calculator to find out exactly how much you could save by installing a Chimney Sheep® draught excluder in your property.

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