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Published 12 Jan 2024

Eenee Compostable Nappies - the only sustainable nappy

Here at Chimney Sheep, we’re delighted to now offer Eenee’s brilliant line of eco-friendly nappy solutions to families in the UK. Learn about these fantastic inventions and the story behind them from our founder, Sally.

As a busy single mum years ago, I remember wishing there was an outer reusable nappy pant that paired with a disposable compostable pad to make changes simpler. Turns out, a clever mum in Australia had the same idea and turned it into a reality!

I’m delighted to at last be able to bring her hybrid nappy to the UK market. It’s simple, it reduces waste and more to the point, the thousands of customers who have used it in Australia over the years are testament to the efficacy of it.


Sally Phillips, founder of Chimney Sheep with her son

A little bit about me…

I still vividly remember searching for a better nappy solution years ago as a busy single mum. Long, long ago, when my son was a small squalling thing, I used washable nappies almost entirely. I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was an outer reusable nappy pant and an inner bit that was disposable and compostable?”. It would make life so much easier, especially when out and about.

I was so busy being a single mum that it was never more than a thought, but the idea stayed with me for nearly three decades. Meanwhile, across the globe in Australia at around the same time, Sue Allison-Rogers was asking that exact same question! Being a biochemist and a lot cleverer than me, she went from brilliant idea to brilliant product.


Baby sleeping wearing a hybrid, resuable nappy with a compostable absorption pad

From frustrated mother to award-winning inventor

As the saying goes, necessity truly is the mother of invention…

With two daughters over 30 years ago, Sue found herself equally frustrated by the messy, high-maintenance nappies of the 90s. Think plastic PVC pilchers, terry square nappies and fiddly safety pins. A nappy changing headache, if you ask me!

“There was a great need to reinvent this space and an opportunity to start a new business.”

Armed with a background in chemistry and dressmaking, Sue decided enough was enough. If the perfect nappy solution didn't yet exist, she would just invent it herself! And so, the pioneering nappy brand Eenee was born right there in the business name registry office as she scribbled down three potential business name options on the form, just in case the first and second names weren’t available (remember this was before computers!).

“If my first option was not available, then it would have been called Meenee or Mynee Designs, and I guess if all three were not available, then it would have been Moe Designs! The logo came later when doodling by the fire on a winter's evening.”

Sue Allison-Rogers - Inventor of the Eenee Hybrid Nappy

Sue's first prototype was crafted from a plastic outer bag from a packet of disposables, some cloth and Velcro sections stitched together. The idea was to be able to insert a rectangularly folded terry nappy and then simply Velcro it on rather than using safety pins.

This worked well until she accidentally melted the nappy pant in a caravan park tumble dryer when travelling, so Sue decided to try to source a waterproof but breathable material that would survive sanitising, machine washing and tumble drying. Of course, this type of material didn’t exist 30 years ago as even the popular Gortex fabrics would delaminate with this type of treatment!

Over months of testing, Sue perfected an ingenious 2-part system - an outer waterproof nappy pant made from soft, breathable fabrics paired with cleverly designed absorbent pads secured via snaps inside. She then took out her first patent on the original pant design, but why stop at just cloth inserts when disposable pads could be improved?

Sue proceeded to develop a compostable insert pad to replace the cloth insert and reduce the washing. She dug deeper into biodegradable materials research until finally cracking the code on a 100% compostable nappy liner.

Combined with Eenee's reusable nappy pants, this hybrid solution struck the perfect balance of absorbency, earth-friendly sustainability and convenience for busy eco-conscious families.

Low waste, biodegradable nappy system

“I was advised by the ex-marketing manager of a large disposable nappy manufacturer that I would have to choose which industry I was going to be in as it was not possible, in his opinion, to be in both cloth and disposable markets.”

Today, those early prototypes have evolved into multi-award-winning products sold worldwide. But for Sue, seeing her creation make parenting just a bit easier remains the ultimate reward. Thanks to her ingenuity, parents finally have access to eco-friendly nappy solutions we can feel good about from start to stinky finish!


Biodegradable nappy
Why we're proud to offer Eenee's eco-friendly nappy system

After yearning for exactly this type of hybrid nappy technology myself as a young mum, you can imagine my delight discovering Eenee products! Albeit a few decades later and not exactly relevant for my adult son these days, I’m excited to be able to offer this innovative nappy solution to new parents here in the UK.

As both a parent and entrepreneur, I have tremendous admiration for Sue's perseverance and problem-solving. Like any determined mother, she found a need and met it in a wonderful way that blends design and science.

Eenee's hybrid system remains the genius pinnacle of Sue's vision:

Combining the prized absorption and protection of disposables with the sustainability of reusable cloth nappies, consider these hybrid nappies the holy grail for eco-conscious parents.


Two part nappy with reusable pant and biodegradable nappy pad
Eenee's Hybrid Nappies - The Best of Both Worlds

Eenee's genius is in offering the same great absorption and protection of a disposable nappy alongside the environmental benefits and cost savings of a reusable cloth option.

It’s the best of both worlds that combines two parts:

  1. Outer Nappy Pants or Tummy Bands - Made of a soft and stretchy cotton blend with a waterproof lining and Velcro closures.
  2. Inner Nappy Pads - The super absorbent nappy liners fit into the pants to provide the ultimate protection. Choose either reusable cloth pads or plant-based compostable pads.

It allows you to reuse the outer nappy pant multiple times in a day and replace just the soiled nappy pad liner with each nappy change. This fantastic 2-part system greatly reduces waste, expenses and your baby's exposure to chemical irritants... It's smart, practical and a more eco-friendly nappy option than regular disposable nappies - exactly what today's parents and planet need!


How to dispose of the compostable inner nappy pad

You may be wondering how to compost the inner nappy pad and what to do if you don't have access to hot composting facilities. Let us explain...

We are currently working with councils to reassure them that the nappies are compostable, to ensure we can make nappy composting as widely available as possible. We also want you as our customers to do the same thing and advocate for a change in the system so that we can make nappy disposal better for the planet. We would be glad to hear from councils that are interested in promoting hybrid nappies, so please get in touch. Other countries such as Canada, Germany and even the US are composting nappies so the UK is most definitely behind the curve on this. 

Home composting
At home hot composting facility

If you use a hot composting method at home, the nappy pads can be disposed of there. It’s recommended that the nappy pads that have been peed on rather than soiled are composted at home.

No composting available?

As we've mentioned above, we realise that in many cases, the infrastructure for composting the nappy pads is not available to everyone across the UK. If this is the case, the nappy pads can also go into a regular bin. Throwing away just the inner pad vs a full disposable nappy is still a better option for the planet because you are throwing away LESS waste. Even though it will take longer for the pads to degrade landfill than in the correct composting facility, they will still degrade more rapidly than plastic-based ones AND won't produce microplastics.

Sceptics may argue that, if most people are going to have to throw the pads away, then what's the point? And we would say...the planet. The average baby gets through 4,000 disposable nappies by the time they’re potty trained. This is equivalent to throwing away 7 plastic bags a day for two and a half years! If we as a society want the system to change, we have to show that there is demand for that change. By choosing to use hybrid, compostable nappies over disposable nappies (even if the UK's commercial composting system isn't fully ready for them yet), asking your councils to provide you with the correct composting facilities, you are advocating for change! It's change that needs to happen sooner rather than later, so let's all be the reason the change happens, rather than waiting for it to happen. 


Eenee nappy products available from Chimney Sheep:
Reusable nappy on baby

We're proud to now provide UK families with access to Eenee's innovative nappy solutions. We think they’re great and we hope you think so too!

Hybrid Nappy Pants - These stretchy nappy pants are washable and reusable. They come with Velcro fastening, a protective inner lip to avoid blowouts, and a clever snap closure to prevent uPads shifting. Use with cloth or compostable nappy pads. Suitable for babies and toddlers from 3 months onwards.

Baby Tummy Bands - Also known as ‘belly belts’, they wrap around your baby’s waist and fasten with Velcro closures to hold a compostable nappy pad in place without the need for separate pants. Ideal for newborns and small babies.

Compostable Nappy Pads (uPads) - Highly absorbent 100% compostable nappy pads made of plant-based materials that will naturally biodegrade in months instead of centuries like regular plastic disposables. Designed to be used with Eenee nappy pants or tummy bands. Also known as ‘eco disposables’. These can be composted using the correct composting facilities (outlined above) or disposed of.

Reusable Cloth Nappy Pads - Ultra absorbent, eco-friendly nappy pads made from super soft microfibre that launders easily. Designed to fit in the pocket of the Eenee nappy pants. Suitable for washing and reusing over and over again, they’re an ideal choice for when you do want to wash and reuse the inner.


Even more eco-friendly products

Alongside these Eenee nappy products, we also offer a range of other handy items such as recycled plastic nappy bins, biodegradable wipes, reusable cloths and eco-friendly laundry detergent to help you on your journey to eco-friendly living.

If you have any questions, don’t be shy! Take a look at your FAQs or email our team at and we’ll happily help.

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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