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Eenee Sustainable Hybrid Nappy FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What size Eenee Nappy Pad / Pants / Tummy Band do I need?

Check out our handy sizing guidance here.

Please bare in mind, this size guide is only for reference. You need to consider the unique build and physical size of your baby. Slimmer babies may need sizing down, while chubbier babies may warrant sizing up.

What are the compostable nappy pads made from?

The Eenee Compostable Nappy Pads are simple biodegradable nappy inserts designed to be a convenient, accessible choice for eco-conscious parents. They have a cellulose based outercover, certified compostable biofilm waterproof layer and a polylactic acid inner lining and leg guards (sourced from entirely renewable plant-based materials). Inside the pad there is fluffed up paper pulp sourced from ethically farmed trees and a touch of super absorbing polymer to ensure they lock and hold liquid – to keep your baby’s bum nice and dry.

What don’t the compostable nappy pads / nappy pants contain?

Eenee Biodegradable Nappy Pads and Nappy Pants do not contain any petrochemical based plastics, they contain no perfumes or solvents meaning they are an excellent choice for babies with sensitive skin.

Are the Eenee compostable Nappy Pads 100% compostable?

Yes, and they make a positive contribution to the compost they help produce. Eenee Nappies and Nappy Pants have been endorsed by Compost Australia as the first and only disposable nappy acceptable for commercial composting. The Eenee Nappies have been found to biodegrade down into completely bioavailable materials, that make a positive contribution to the compost they are a part of. They have been independently tested to make sure that they compost to the Australian Standard AS4454 (which is actually more stringent than EU standards!) and they can be composted commercially by many Australian councils or at home using high quality home composters.

Do Eenee Nappies have any environmental certification?

Although they do not have any specific environmental certifications, they directly endorsed by Compost Australia as being the only fully compostable disposable nappy. All Eenee compostable products have been independently tested and found that they meet and exceed the Australian Standard AS4454 composting guidelines.

Can I compost Eeenee products at home?

Yes you can. It’s advised that you only compost pads with wee in them. They should be composted via a hot composting method. This takes a level of expertise at composting so if you’re not sure then it’s advisable to put them in the bin. Compost can be complicated!

How long do Eenee pads take to compost at home?

Once the process has started and the nappies start to break down it’s only 60 days until they are fully composted.

Can Eenee pads be added to food waste collected by councils?

At the moment there aren’t any councils in the UK who will take nappies for composting but we are actively working with them to persuade them otherwise. Food waste has to be hot composted to a temperature that kills the same pathogens that occur in poo so there’s no reason why they can’t take 100% compostable nappies in with the food waste.

Do Eenee pads compost in landfill?

Because we cannot guarantee the conditions at landfill, we cannot state that any Eenee products do compost down at landfill. However, as the Nappies and Nappy pants are not made using any petrochemical based products they will take much less time to break down than any plastic counterpart, and will not leach microplastics.

Do they come in compostable packaging?


Are these the same as g-Diapers?

g-Diapers are a very popular global brand that pioneered the hybrid nappy concept. They were licensed by Eenee in Australia to market their version of the hybrid diaper. They no longer produce them but our nappy pads are designed to fit the g-Diaper outer pant, so the good news is that if you still have any g-Diaper pants, our pads are compatible.

Are the nappy inserts compatible with other reusable nappy systems?

Yes. The pad should tuck into the pouches of most reusable nappies. The Eenee has a unique popper at the back, that holds the pad in place and stops poo from riding up the back and soiling the pant cover. But if you don’t mind not having that functionality, the pad can be used in most other reusable pants.