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We are Chimney Sheep. We create sustainable solutions.

About Us

In 2012, our Founder, Sally Phillips, invented and started to sell Chimney Sheep® chimney draught excluders made of Herdwick wool from a small workshop in Cumbria. Today, our ‘Sheep are sold all over the world from our warehouse in Workington and are still our best-selling product. Over the years, we have also worked to curate our own range of sustainable household and garden items that are both practical and effective. Where possible our products are made from recycled, sustainable or natural materials. Our shop has everything from draught excluders to insulation, laundry products to natural gardening items and we always have our thinking caps on as to what we can add next.

We are passionate about the environment but believe that you don’t have to sacrifice practicality for ‘eco-friendly’ and that sustainability in its true form is pretty simple! That was the exact mindset we had when we created the Chimney Sheep® draught excluder and is still our belief today.

At the centre of it all, is our Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees (BLPT). 20% of the profit from every purchase with us facilitates the planting of trees in agriculturally poor land in Cumbria.

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Our mission is to provide our customers with sustainable solutions. We want to make sustainable living accessible, easy to understand and simple to implement, whilst facilitating the planting of trees on agriculturally poor land in the UK through Buy Land Plant Trees CIC. To do this we help our customers make sense of sustainable living by creating and curating simple, functional, environmentally-friendly house & garden products that can be found all in one place. 


Sustainability first.

We will continually remind our audience to consume mindfully and not unnecessarily – if you don't need it, don't buy it. That is true sustainable living, after all.



All of our products have been researched, tried and tested by members of our team before we add them to the shop to ensure that they are 100% fit for purpose and are items that we genuinely love.



We don’t like pulling the wool over our customers’ eyes (excuse the pun) so are always transparent about how and why our products are sustainable.

The creation of the Chimney Sheep®

We always do more

From planting trees using 20% of the profit from our sales to working with our local farmers to source our Herdwick wool, we do more to ensure we are a sustainable and ethical business.

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