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Published 22 Oct 2015

Kevin McCloud's Grand Designs Live Green Hero

Kevin’s Green Heroes was first launched at Grand Designs Live London in 2010 inspired by his passion for innovative eco-friendly product design and green building products. This dedicated feature that sits in the heart of the live show gives a platform to un-sung product designers to showcase their innovations and designs to a large audience, allowing the products to achieve wider recognition in the consumer market.

Each year Kevin McCloud hand picks a selection of the best eco-innovations on the market. As the face of the Grand Designs brand, Kevin McCloud has documented hundreds of buildings over the past two decades. This has given Kevin an enormously wide knowledge of materials, the latest technologies and new sustainable practices out there in the construction market, making him a touchstone for innovative ideas and inventive products.

In October 2014 and May 2015 Sally Phillips, owner of Chimney Sheep Ltd, was selected by Kevin McCloud to be one of his Green Heroes. This was a great accolade and an exciting time for everyone involved with Chimney Sheep. The October show was at Birmingham NEC for four days and the May show was in London Excel for a marathon 10 days.

Chimney Sheep Green Hero crew wearing Chimney Sheep green Tshirts at Grand Designs Live in Birmingham

Chimney Sheep Ltd is trying to encourage the insulation industry to include chimney insulation as part of the raft of standard measures – being chosen as a Green Hero is an excellent opportunity to communicate this message. At the Birmingham show Sally was a guest speaker, sharing a stage with TV celebrities to discuss energy efficiency measures in the home.

Kevin McCloud chose Chimney Sheep because:

“Sheep wool is insulating, durable and naturally hygroscopic – absorbing and releasing moisture slowly. That’s what makes it ideal as a chimney stop. Any home with one chimney will lose 4% of its energy up the hole, so it makes simple, obvious sense to block the flue and insulate the blockage at the same time.”


Kevin McCloud

Having an open chimney is like leaving a window open all the time. Warm air escapes from a room at a rate of 80 cubic metres per hour – and cold air is pulled in round doors, windows, through plug sockets and even through walls to replace it. So insulating the chimney doesn’t just stop draughts, but reduces draughts from other parts of the building too.

Chimney SHep owner Sally Phillips is Kevin McCloud's Green Hero



Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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