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Published 21 Jul 2019

Chimney Sheep Press 2014

2014 was a great year for Chimney Sheep – the business was growing after receiving awards in 2013; recognising us for our work in energy loss reduction.

Sally Spies Profit Up the Chimney!

2014 marked the start of our partnership with one of the UK’s biggest home and garden retailers – B&Q!

We felt that the sheep would be a great addition to their range of heat saving products – luckily they agreed!

The Chimney Sheep was now available online; meaning thousands of extra views per day for the product. Sales were sure to increase exponentially!

Sally holding chimney sheep in front of sheep - in article from local newspaper ''spies profit up the chimey''

Why you need a Sheep in your Chimney!

Using computer modelling software from the University of Liverpool we were able to test the Chimney Sheep – getting exact figures for the amount of energy – and therefore money the product was able to save customers.

The results showed that the Chimney Sheep was an excellent draught excluder saving on average around 4% on energy bills – “it was shown that investment in a Chimney Sheep would improve the insulation of all properties with a chimney – without spoiling the owners enjoyment of owning a working fireplace.”


16 x 9 chimney sheep on white background with long handle

New Firm Bids for Business Boost

Cumbria Business Boost was a fantastic opportunity for Chimney Sheep to receive mentoring from local business experts in order to improve our outreach and marketing skills.

We were also in with a chance of winning £10,000 worth of CN advertising – where we would be able to reach thousands of potential customers.

Sally aims to keep America warm

After setting up an online presence on – Chimney Sheep was able to send out over 800 products to fulfilment warehouses across the pond.

”This was a great opportunity to expand the business and test the market in America”

Having sold approximately 7500 Chimney Sheep in winter 2013 – selling in America was going to provide a new pathway to increase sales and increase public knowledge on the importance of blocking chimneys.


Article of Sally holding Chimney sheep - article on Chimney Sheep expansion into the USA

Girl Power Rules for Boost victors

After applying for the Cumbria Business Boost award – we were lucky enough to be named as one of two winners. This gave us access to a wealth of knowledge through experienced business mentors and an advertising scheme worth £10,000!

We were ”beyond thrilled to be named a winner in the Business Boost Scheme ” ”The advertising and advice from local experts will be a great benefit to my company and I appreciate the support of CN Group”

Article showing Chimney Sheep's sally phillips - winner of business boost

 Turning a woolly great idea into a Grand Design….

Sally Hailed Green Hero!

At the end of 2014 the Chimney Sheep was recognised for its sustainability and energy savings performance by Grand Design’s Kevin McCloud.

We were one of 10 exhibitors hand chosen by the presenter to take centre stage at the Grand Design’s Exhibition in Birmingham – ” we were visited by thousands of people”

”Sales increased incredibly after the Birmingham show”

”Lots of people took leaflets and asked us loads of questions”

The Grand Designs Show was a fantastic opportunity to show case the Chimney Sheep in all its simplicity. The product – made of 100% Herdwick wool on a recycled plastic handle has the potential to save customers around 5% of their total household head – equating to around a £50.00 cost saving per year.

The wool for the products is locally sourced – from farms close to our premises in Maryport – meaning its incredibly sustainable with a low carbon footprint – one of the key points the presenter identified when choosing our company!



Sally Phillips - Green Hero holding Chimney Sheep infront of Herdwick Sheep



Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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