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Published 22 Jul 2019

Chimney Sheep Press 2015

2015 was a year of celebrating our growth as a business- after our Business Boost and Grand Designs success the Chimney Sheep name was out there and sales were increasing at a record rate!

Country Homes and Interiors – Meet a country character

Country Homes and Interiors – one of our first Nationwide Magazine mentions!

Sally was lucky enough to feature in the regular column – Meet a Country Character! Here the story of the Chimney Sheep was told – starting from the idea of using old clothes to block the chimney developing into the felted Herdwick Sheep’s wool draught excluders they are today

Cat on top of Chimney - for Chimney Sheeps mention in country magazine

This online site gave us a Front Page Mention in their January 2015 Article!

Here we were provided with a full page spread to tell the story of the chimney sheep.

We were able to stress the importance of blocking the chimney using an efficient device such as the chimney sheep with statistics showing that the sheep is able to prevent over 4% of household heat from escaping – shaving around £65.00 of energy bills! This equates to 1050 kWh energy per year. If every home was blocked with a Chimney Sheep the nation could save over 11 billion kWh of energy PER Year.

This article really stressed the energy saving benefits of the product – and how the small action of blocking your fireplace really could make a huge difference to energy output in the UK.

Photo of victorian fireplace - ideal for fitting chimney sheep in

Business Boost!

After our success in securing the business boost in 2014 we received a lot of press coverage regarding our improvements as a business and how the Boost had helped us grow.

There were a couple of large photo spreads in the Business section of our Local Times and Star along with some half to full page articles featuring our achievements thanks to the Boost and how great it was for us to take part !

It was highlighted that the Boost provided a great opportunity to help raise the profile of your business – lots of other businesses had followed Chimney Sheep’s story meaning we were able to make many valuable contacts.

Sally encourages others to go for cumbria business boost - article in local times and star

10 reasons Cumbria is the most Innovative place in the UK

A front page photo in a FabLab post highlighted the innovation that is the Chimney Sheep.

The Chimney Sheep used local produce – sourced close to home to help solve a nationwide draught problem in a quick and simple way!

Sally Phillips of Chimney Sheep in 10 reasons why cumbria is the BEST

Business Awards Shortlist revealed!

This article named the shortlist for those nominated for the CN group business awards in association with Cumbria Business Growth Hub.

Chimney Sheep was nominated for the Innovation award, The Environmental Awareness award and New Business of the Year award.

Business Award Winners Revealed

Our local Times and Star published several articles detailing the winners of the CN business awards in association with the Cumbria Business Growth Hub.

Here Chimney Sheep was crowned the winner of the Innovation Category sponsored by NDA, for our Herdwick wool Chimney Draught Excluders!

Sally Phillips of Chimney SHeep - winner of eco innvoatio award

Chimney Sheep Keep Bats at Bay

Here it is highlighted that the Chimney Sheep can be used for other purposes as well!

A local member of the public in Cockermouth was being plagued because nearby roosting bats were entering her bedroom via her open chimney!

Luckily the Chimney Sheep provided the perfect solution – by fitting the sheep inside the chimney it deterred the bats and prevented them from entering the bedroom – without harming the nearby bat roost .


The baa-bargain that can reduce energy loss and cut heating bills

A feature in the Bargain Hunter column of the Your Money section in the Independent saw the Chimney Sheep recognised for its energy and money saving abilities!

Here it was stressed that the sheep had an incredibly fast payback time and could cost as little as £15.00 and can save owners up to £75.00 on their yearly energy bills.

Article on Chimney Sheep being a bargain!

Fab Lab Global Entrepreneurship Week

Sally was kindly invited to the Cockermouth FabLab’s GEW talk about Female Entrepreneurs and Innovation in Business.

Sally had used the technology available at the Fab Lab to help produce the design for the handles of the award winning Chimney Sheep – so this was a great opportunity to both talk about the product and how useful the local Fab Lab is to the community.



Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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