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Published 23 Jul 2019

Chimney Sheep Press 2016

After a brilliant year of winning multiple awards- 2016 was a quieter year news wise . But it was a year of record sales, and our first international publication!

Hot Tips for Smart Saving

Saga magazine wrote a small feature on great money saving ideas – Chimney Sheep was mentioned here as a good investment for saving on your energy bills.
With a 6 month payback time (approximately) the sheep will have paid for itself in less than a year!

22 Reasons to visit Cockermouth!

The Chimney Sheep was highlighted as one of Cockermouths most interesting inventions. Because the Chimney Sheep was originally designed in Cockermouth it received a good mention in this little article!

The Chimney Sheep and other cheap ways to keep your house warm this winter

This was our first international article! This online article targeted at an Australian audience recognised the Chimney Sheep as a brilliant way to help reduce your energy bills, not just here in the UK but internationally as well.

We also had articles published by Industry today with similar content – but targeted at a UK audience

Cartoon Sheep looking at the chimney - almost as if he's thinking of putting a Chimey Sheep up there!

Awards boost helped Sally’s business grow.

A half page article in our local In-Cumbria showcasing how the CN Awards helped the business grow.

The CN Awards brought extra publicity for Chimney Sheep meaning a good increase in the number of sales.

The CN business awards ”really raise your profile” meaning ”more people have heard of us”.

Article on Sally Phillip's attending business boost which helped Chimney Sheep to grow

Introducing the Chimney Sheep – My Green

A Full page spread in My Green Magazine !

This was a great in depth article telling the story of how the product came to be, the awards the product had won and the next steps the company is trying to achieve

The article highlighted the issue that Chimney Draught Excluders were not recognised and were largely ignored by the Energy Industry. The Chimney Sheep could help reduce national energy output by around 1%, however in order to get its properties recognised by the British Board of Agrement, and so larger energy companies, the product had to go through extensive testing showing that the materials performed reliably every single time!

This article showcased our aims to make the products more widely available to those in fuel poverty, through housing associations and the ECO obligation , therefore hopefully helping those most in need reduce their energy bills!

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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