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Published 24 Jul 2019

Chimney Sheep Press 2017

After record sales in 2017 the Chimney Sheep name was becoming more and more well known. The company was looking to expand this year and further increase its sales and product range.

Ahead of the Herd!

A full page spread in Fires and Fireplaces magazine featured the Chimney Sheep.

The article presented the Chimney Sheep as the only truly sustainable chimney draught excluder on the market and highlighted the research and testing that the product had recently gone through.

The Chimney Sheep went through a significant number of usage removal/replacement tests according to user scenarios and Mott Macdonald recommended that the Chimney Sheep had a normal lifespan of 10 years.

This means that the Chimney Sheep would meet OFGEM’s requirement for draught proofing.

This article really broadcast the significant amount of testing that went into ensuring the chimney sheep’s quality and reliability – putting it forward as a great building product.

Article ahead of the heard about Chimney Sheep

Pollution - One More Reason To Block a Chimney

A full page spread in Fireplace Specialist Magazine.

This article highlighted the benefits of the chimney sheep as not only a draught excluder but an air movement stopper – and therefore a pollution reducer.

By blocking the chimney you are preventing contaminated air from entering the home from the outside world – therefore ensuring that the air in your home is cleaner and less polluted.

The article really displayed the versatility of the Chimney Sheep – showing that there are multiple benefits to blocking flues in your home.

Article on why blocking chimney can reduce pollution in home

Cumbrian Entrepreneur behind Chimney Sheep takes over southern rival

An online article talking about the expansion of Chimney Sheep LTD!

In summer 2017 we were given the opportunity to expand the business by taking over the Chimney Balloon Company – previously a rival of Chimney Sheep LTD.

By taking over the Chimney Balloon Co – Chimney Sheep LTD owned more of the Chimney Draught Excluder market.

This expansion marked an opportunity to increase sales – increase our product line and hopefully encourage more people to try chimney draught exclusion to help save energy!

Article on Chimney Sheep taking over the Chimney Balloon Co

Chimney Sheep Snaps up Competitor

An article from our local In-Cumbria Magazine provided us with a half page spread to celebrate our successful business expansion.

The article details the great potential opportunities in purchasing the Chimney Balloon Co – as it has been established for over 30 years and currently has retailers all over the world including the USA and New Zealand.

This article really highlighted the potential to take both products to further international markets !

Woolly Wonder!

A full page newspaper spread!

This article celebrated the team up between Chimney Sheep LTD and Omega Plastics – to produce a strengthened version of the handle and clamp already present on the Chimney Sheep

Because the tooling and manufacturing could occur onsite – Sally was able to advise and observe on every step of the process when producing the new stronger versions of the product parts

The plastic component manufacturers were able to design and develop a product that was tough remain in tact even when handled roughly by customers.

The redesign of the components was important – as we had just applied for our BBA certification and therefore needed all our components to be of building material quality and produced in a standard manner!

Sally Phillips owner of Chimney Sheep with dangling Chimney Sheep 12" Rounds behind her

Sally’s got a handle on sweeping changes

This article in our Local Times and Star talked about the redesign of the Chimney Sheep components!

It mentioned that because the Chimney Sheep was becoming more popular – we were getting an increase in requests for extra large chimney sheep – unfortunately the previous handle design was unable to cope with the size and weight of the XL chimney sheep – so we took it upon ourselves to redesign the components – ensuring they were tough enough for even the largest of draught excluders.

Draughting in Expert Help!

This full page article in the Journal talked about Chimney Sheep teaming up with Omega plastics to redesign and produce brand new and improved Chimney Sheep components.

It was highlighted that the components needed to be of a very precise and accurate design to ensure that they held themselves together strongly and that there was no weak points.

The plastic components needed further developing as the demand for larger and larger products had increased and the current design was unsuitable for holding the larger products.

Article on Chimney Sheep and Omega Plastics working together

Cumbrian firms teams in sales alliance

This little online article from our local In-Cumbria celebrated Chimney Sheep LTD teaming up with nationally renowned hardware company More Handles LTD

It was noted that More Handles is the UK’s largest door supplier – making the alliance a brilliant opportunity for Chimney Sheep to expand our sales

Article on partnership between more handles and Chimney Sheep

Bassenthwaite Women’s Institute assist with Product development

A small online article highlighted the Bassenthwaite WI’s role in the development of brand new Chimney Sheep Gardening Products.

Chimney Sheep as an eco company are always looking to expand our product range – the WI came up with the idea of using any waste material – used to produce our Chimney Sheep wraps- to produce Garden Kneelers, and tough Gardening Aprons.

These were great ideas that fit in with the eco ethos of Chimney Sheep and helped to reduce our waste!



Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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