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Published 25 Jul 2019

Chimney Sheep Press 2018

2018 was a quiet year for press – but a record year for sales !

With stock flying off the shelves even in the summer season it’s not surprising there was little time for articles and interviews!

Whats the best way to block up our chimney?

little plug in a Guardian article about chimney draught exclusion.

Along with recommendations for using old pillows ( Not recommended by us!) – Chimney Balloons (if you don’t like wool these are a great choice!).

The Chimney Sheep was highly recommended by a previous customer, who commented on its robustness and long lastingness!

Wool Workers – Chimney Sheep

A full page spread by wool workers all about the Chimney Sheep !

It contains details about the Chimney Sheep’s origin and current sales ( around 65,000 !)

As well as our plans to start sourcing wool directly from farms rather than wool merchants! Read all about it here.

A handsome Herdwick sheep smiles at the camera while standing in mossy pasture with mature trees, young trees, and some dead wood

Cold at home ? Beat that winter chill!

Another little plug in an online article by the Guardian Newspaper.

Under the title of how to keep warm this winter – blocking up your unused chimneys was right at the top! The Chimney Sheep was recommended as one effective way to do so !

Guardian Article on how to block your chimney to save heat

How to save on energy bills!

In an short article about how to save on your energy bills during winter – the Chimney Sheep is directly references – starting at £15.00 can shave up to £65.00 per year off your energy bill!



Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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