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Published 01 Aug 2019

Chimney Sheep Press 2019

Sally on a quest to help save the planet - Cockermouth environmentalist takes over field to give it back to nature

A huge article in our local Times and Star – All about our brand new field! The seven acre field which is located in Bassenthwaite is going to serve as a wildlife haven in the Lake district.

Currently there are around 3000 young trees planted in the field – some of which were donated by local people.

The main purpose of the field is to help establish a woodland which will serve both as a great habitat for wildlife – but will also help the environment by offsetting a little bit of the nations carbon output too!

Sally Phillips and Darren Ward walk through field bought by Chimney Sheep to offset CO2

Maryport firm Chimney Sheep gets British Board of Agrement certificate

This full page article in our local In-Cumbria magazine all about our newly achieved BBA Certificate.

Achieving BBA certification was one of our long term goals as a business – and has required an incredible amount of work, standardisation and testing.

We are the first Chimney Draught Excluder to achieve BBA Certification for our products – it will open a lot of opportunities up for us as it will demonstrate to the market-place that the Chimney Sheep is both safe and fit for purpose.

The achievement of the certificate means we’re another step closer to the product being used in corporate eco obligations.

Taylor Nicholson being awarded Chimney Sheep's BBA certificate

Raincoats for your washing – what next?!

In this full page spread in our local Times and Star – ‘’the woman who encouraged us to stick a sheep up the chimney has launched a new product – a raincoat for the washing’’

The article is all about our new invention – The laundry mac – a more environmentally friendly alternative to popping your laundry in the dryer (even on rainy days)

The Laundry Mac is a breathable, waterproof cover for your laundry – meaning it can be dried outside in all weathers!

Sally recognised that drying laundry indoors could be a big contributor to accumulating damp in properties – with 5% of UK homes having damp issues this is a nationwide problem.

The solution? A laundry mac – which allows laundry to air dry outside in all weathers – and could also help reduce your energy bills if you always have the dryer running ..

Sally Phillips showing the Chimney Sheep Laundry Mac clothes protector

Chimney Sheep owner plans to help environment by planting 9000 trees

This full page article in our local Times and Star tells all about the plans for our brand new field.

The plan is to plant over 9000 trees – to create a brilliant habitat for local wildlife and to help offset the carbon produced by the company.

The seven acre field will sequester approximately 18 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year – the same amount of carbon produced by a car driving 26000 miles!

The field will house local wildlife – and should help to bring more local species to the area.

The field will also house native species of tree – including more unusual varieties – such as black poplar, locally cultivated aspen, elm, sweet chestnut walnut, hornbeam and field maple!

Sally Phillips and Darren Ward sat in Chimney Sheep's field used to plant trees

About Now ! New for the Garden – Chimney Sheep Shillies and Mulching Fabric

A small plug in garden section of About now magazine saw the Chimney Sheep Felt Shillies and Garden felt mentioned as a renewable, environmentally friendly and effective way of keeping weeds at bay and adding nutrients to your garden.

5 energy saving devices your home needs 2019

A small mention in the London economic saw the benefits of a Chimney Sheep being broadcast to Londoners in an article all about energy saving devices!

It was recognised that heating your heating system is the number one user of energy in the home – so if you block your chimney using a Chimney Sheep – and prevent all the heat form escaping you should have to use your heating less!

Chimney Sheep launches all natural gardening products 2019

A full page article in Green solutions mag saw our brand new gardening products brought to light!

The products were recognised for using repurposed wool offcuts – to allow customers to make sustainable gardening choices, and helping to reduce the companies waste output.
All our gardening products are sustainable and natural – containing no harmful chemicals – all are totally biodegradable too!

Sally Phillips modelling the Chimney Sheep garden apron and some natural gardening products

Top Down Solutions – Gardens 2019

Our shillies made it into the harley-botanic magazine !

This great little plug likened our Chimney Sheep felt shillies to biodegradable pieces of slate. Made of 100% natural wool they deter slugs and snails as well as degrading down to give nutrients to the soil!

A Plant pot containing Chimney Sheeps felt shillies along with tree bark sheeps wool and rocks

Sourcing Project Collects 16 Tonnes!?! Of Herdwick Wool.

This great article in Farming UK saw us headlining with Operation Wool Mark II.

We were able to source over 16 tonnes of Herdwick wool – roughly the fleeces of 15,000 sheep – and 15% of all the Herdwick wool available in the UK! See more here!

Winter is coming.. Our 12 Point Checklist to save £100’s.

This brilliant little plug in Money Saving expert had us next to some of the best heat saving and insulation products in the country. It was a great showcase on how important it is to draught exclude your chimney – and how it can benefit your finances!

Energy Saving ideas : 18 ways to make an old home more energy efficient.

A great article targeted at older homes identified the chimney sheep as being a non invasive – non damaging way to reduce heat loss in your older or period property. This could be especially useful in listed buildings – where building work can be restricted!

We were in Green Solution’s Mag!

On Pages 22 + 23 we were featured ! A great opportunity and way to show case our products. The sheep was featured as an environmentally friendly way to reduce energy bills and save money!

Wool Firm’s Clean Sweep

A brilliant article in the Daily Express giving a fab overview of the sheep. Explaining all about how we started and how we got to where we are now. The article really focussed on the company’s ecological roots and the fact we’re striving to bring a natural and effective product to the public

Wool Firms clean sweep - chimney sheep article in daily expres

Woman and Home!

We got a full page spread and a full sheep photo shoot to boot! Our article in woman and home really put forward our environmentally friendly ideals – and broadcast how effective the Chimney Sheep can be. It talked all about how we sourced the wool – the fact everything is ”locally grown” from our wool to our British made handles and components.

Full page article - woman and home


house beautiful logo

House Beautiful featured our Chimney Sheep in their November 2019 issue. The article was written by living-well expert, Oliver Heath, and he highlighted our chimney draught excluder as a ‘Hot Buy’ stating that it “keeps warm air in while ventilating your chimney”. 

The Guardian logo

The Guardian published an article titled ‘Energy bills: how to save money – and fight the climate crisis’ listing ways people could make their home more energy efficient. Draught exclusion was one of them! Open chimneys were mentioned and our Chimney Sheep draught excluder was mentioned as a solution!

 Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping wrote a great online article about energy myths and energy tips (that really work!). “Banishing draughts” was a energy tip that works (we told you!) and we were mentioned as an essential draught excluder for homes with fireplaces.

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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