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Published 14 Mar 2019

Five Ways to Reduce Damp in the Home

Damp is one of the biggest nuisances facing UK households today. A recent study from the Energy Savings Trust found that 37% homes incurred condensation problems and a further 28% experienced problems with mould. As well as being unsightly and rather pongy, there’s also evidence to suggest that damp in the home could be the cause of a number of health issues such as respiratory problems and even infections in those with weaker immune systems. Here are some top tips for reducing damp in the home:

Keep your home ventilated

Try and open the windows in your home for a little while every day. Making sure your bathroom and kitchen both have an extractor fan will also ensure that moisture has an easy escape route. Use the extractor fan in your kitchen if you are boiling pans on the stove.

Remove excess moisture

Dehumidifiers work by drawing moisture out of the air and collecting it as water (which can always be recycled to water your houseplants!). Placing one of these machines in the problem areas of your home could save you a lot of money and hassle in the long term. It’s worth investing in a better quality one that pulls significant quantities of water from your home. Small cheap ones tend to make a lot of noise without much results.

Rejig your thermostat

In the winter months it may be tempting to crank up the temperature at certain points of the day; when you’re just getting up and prior to getting home from work – we know how it is, nobody likes waking up feeling chilly! However, for the good of your home it can be beneficial to lower the temperature and keep the radiators on for longer. This is because sudden hikes and dips in temperature can create excess condensation which could be contributing to damp. It may seem counter-intuitive, but your energy bills shouldn’t go up despite it being on for longer.

Listen to the Weatherman

On days that are particularly cold and wet, it can be more difficult for moisture to escape your home. With this in mind, try to save household jobs that create excess moisture such as mopping, decorating and painting for warmer days.

Dry your laundry smartly

One thing that can’t be avoided on rainy days is laundry, but as you may have guessed, drying your washing indoors is one of the main culprits for causing damp. A typical load holds up to two litres of water that, if left to dry inside your home, will be absorbed by your precious furnishings, walls and upholstery. Although tumble dryers might seem like the best solution, they are incredibly expensive to run. We’ve come up with a nifty solution that allows you to cut the cost of your energy bills and the risk of damp – with The Laundry Mac™ you can dry your laundry whatever the weather.

Made from a breathable waterproof fabric, The Laundry Mac™ fastens onto three and four-armed rotary dryers allowing you to hang washing outdoors in all weather conditions. Heavy weights are stitched into the perimeter of the ‘Mac to ensure stability in wind and a telescopic prop is used to raise the Mac like an umbrella, keeping your laundry completely dry. Click here to buy yours now.

A woman wearing a yellow raincoat hangs laundry on a rotary dryer then covers it with a green Laundry Mac which protects the laundry from the rain Hanging laundry in the rain with a Laundry Mac™

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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