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Published 27 Feb 2019

Five ways to save money when doing your laundry

Our customers are constantly looking for ways to save money on their energy bills. Not only is it good for our bank balance but also for the environment, which is always something the team here at Chimney Sheep are keen to do. Doing the laundry can potentially use up a lot of energy but by making a few small energy saving changes – it doesn’t don’t have to be!

Here are our five easy-to-follow- tips to help you save money on your weekly washes.

Keep it short

Most modern-day washing machines come with a multitude of cycle options. Next time you are doing a load of washing, why not try using the shortest cycle? Not only does reduce the use of energy and water, it will also save on the wear and tear of fabrics.

“But what if my clothes are caked in mud?” – we hear you cry. Panic not! Consider soaking heavily soiled items in warm water before putting them on a short wash. Add in some laundry hand wash for a bit of extra oomf.

Keep it cool

Lots of washing machines nowadays give you plenty of washing temperatures. Similarly, a lot of the popular household brands make detergents that work just as well at 30˚C as they do at 60˚C.

Washing your laundry on a cool wash will help to cut your energy costs significantly – turning your washing machine temperature down from 60˚C to 30˚C will save you at least £13 per year in energy bills. That will definitely pay for a nice bottle of wine (or two!).

As an added bonus, if you switch to washing on a cool wash and avoid using a tumble dryer, you’ll also make a CO₂ environmental saving of 110kg – the Earth will thank you.

Keep it full

As tempting as it is to throw in your that single pair of jeans you desperately want to wear tomorrow or a few pairs of socks, always try to ensure that you have a full load to put into your washing machine. A full drum of washing will ensure you get the most out of each cycle and means the overall number of washing cycles are reduced. Consider using colour catching sheets to do a full mix-coloured load too!

Keep it clean

Look after your washing machine. Over time detergents, softener and dirt build up in your washing machine and its tubes. If this is not cleaned on a regular basis, your washing machine becomes a lot less energy efficient (which means higher water and energy bills). A cup of white vinegar on a long cycle, once a month should do the job.

Keep a Laundry Mac!

Tumble dryers are the biggest energy-using stage of the laundry process. Don’t worry though, we have the solution here at Chimney Sheep that will dispel the need for a tumble dryer! Our brand new eco-drying product, the Laundry Mac™ acts as a waterproof ‘coat’ to put over outdoor-hanging laundry.

Sounds weird? Let us explain – The Laundry Mac™ is made from a waterproof, breathable fabric that fastens onto three and four-armed rotary dryers allowing you to hang washing outdoors in all weather conditions. Clever hey?

The fabric protects your laundry from rain while also enabling vapour to evaporate off damp laundry. Heavy weights are stitched into the perimeter of the Mac to ensure stability in wind and a telescopic prop is used to raise the Mac like an umbrella, enabling rainwater to drain off, away from the laundry.
If you fancy giving one a go, click here to buy yours now.

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Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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