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Published 24 Nov 2023

Our No Buy Green Friday is BACK and greener than ever!

Running from Friday 24th November until Sunday 26th November.


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For those of you that don’t know what No Buy Green Friday is, let us explain...

We don’t, and never will participate in Black Friday. Instead, we have created our own No Buy Green Friday. The reason for this is simple. Black Friday has a huge environmental impact (and not a positive one!). We want to remind our customers that, despite all the marketing hysteria, it is important to consume mindfully, not unnecessarily across the weekend – and always. We will also be doing our bit to try and offset some of the extra CO2 generated from Black Friday sales.

Read on to find out what we are doing differently and how you, as a consumer, can turn your Black Friday, GREEN!



Why we are saying NO to Black Friday

Can you get great deals on Black Friday? Absolutely. But does the marketing of these deals get you to buy something that you don't REALLY need? Most likely.

Black Friday might just run for a day (or a week for some brands), but the environmental damage lasts a whole lot longer...

  • A quarter of Brits surveyed said they regretted their Christmas Black Friday buys.
  • 80% of products bought on Black Friday end up in landfill, are incinerated, or at best are recycled poorly.
  • Only 29% of electronic waste caused by Black Friday is recycled.
  • During last year’s Black Friday week, it was estimated that 1.2 million tons of CO2 was released due to trucks transporting goods around Europe. That’s 94% higher than an average week.
  • This year’s (2023) Black Friday in the UK is expected to produce 429,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from product deliveries alone – that’s the same as 435 return flights from London to New York!

What are we doing differently?

After the huge amounts of positive feedback last year, we will be our running campaign 'No Buy Green Friday' again from Friday 24th November until 11:59pm on Sunday 26th November.

With sustainability at the forefront of everything we do, here is what we are choosing to do this Black Friday...

No discounts.
No discounts for Black Friday

We don't want to contribute to mass consumerism. Discounts can often lead consumers to make unnecessary purchases which has negative impacts on the planet. Our prices will remain the same this weekend. We understand that life is expensive at the moment and the cost of living crisis is still very present, but we have kept most of our prices stable despite increased costs. This is because we want you as consumers to always be able to make sustainable, despite the rise in the cost of living. Whether that is by making your home more energy efficient with one of our Chimney Sheep® draught excluders or by choosing one of our eco-friendly alternatives to an everyday product you already use, our main priority is helping you to make long-term sustainable and affordable changes to help the planet.


Planting more trees.
One tree planted for every order on Black Friday

Through our Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees, we already put 20% of our profits into planting trees in Cumbria. To try and do our bit for the planet during the Black Friday weekend, we are going to be planting an extra tree for every order made with us over the weekend. Of course, this isn't a solution to Black Friday and will only offset a teenie tiny fraction of the CO2 produced during this mass consumer event but it's a start. Please don't see this as a reason to purchase from us for the sake of it. Read on and we'll explain...


Only buy from us if you NEED to.
Shop mindfully

We get that there actually might be something you need to buy from us (or another company) this weekend. It could be a Chimney Sheep® you've been meaning to buy for ages or it could be a Christmas gift that you wanted to get for a loved one from our eco-friendly gift range. All we encourage is that you consume mindfully. Not unnecessarily. If you don't need it, don't buy it. Simple! We hope that you use this mindset across the whole weekend and beyond. And if you do really need it (and we appreciate that you do need to buy things!), buy sustainably where you can and buy things that last. Not things for landfill.

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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