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Published 11 Oct 2016

Seven reasons to put a sheep in your chimney #WoolWeek

As the cold weather creeps in, we’ve got seven great reasons why a Chimney Sheep, made from UK Wool, is the perfect accompaniment for your Chimney this Winter.

How often do you look up your chimney? It’s a part of the house that generally gets ignored, but if you’ve got an open chimney then it’s like leaving a window open all the time.

This can lead to all kinds of problems, from letting warm air out in the winter, letting hot air in during the summer, to acting as a conduit for wildlife, noise, and dirt into your home.

There’s a new product on the market, made of a thick layer of felted UK Wool on a handle, that lodges in the throat of the chimney and effectively “closes” the open gap. Appropriately enough, it is called a Chimney Sheep®.

The benefits of a Chimney Sheep are:

  1. It prevents warm air from your central heating from escaping up the chimney
  2. It prevents cold air being pulled in from around doors and windows to replace the escaped warm air, noticeably reducing cold draughts
  3. It stops dirt and debris from falling down the chimney
  4. It prevents wildlife from finding its way down the chimney
  5. It prevents hot air from coming down the chimney during the summer months
  6. It prevents bad smells from wafting down the chimney.
  7. It blocks out noise

The Chimney Sheep is available in nine different sizes, available from various online stores, including, and Amazon.

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

chimney draught excluder
chimney sheep
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