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Published 19 Mar 2018

How to stop cats getting up the chimney

The Chimney Sheep ® chimney draught excluder was invented to stop warm air from escaping up the chimney. It saves heat, money and reduces your electricity bill.

However, for many customers the energy saving benefits of a Chimney Sheep ® were secondary to another purpose. In fact, initially, they were trying to stop their cat from escaping up the chimney!

Is climbing the chimney dangerous for your cat?

It seems that cats have a fascination with open chimneys. We are regularly asked the question: ‘’will the Chimney Sheep® stop my cat from climbing up the chimney?’’ Apparently curious felines can’t help but investigate. Some just enjoy exploring and climbing – and come out covered in soot, distributing nasties around the house, ingesting harmful substances as they try to lick it off.

Apart from being sticky and filthy as well as difficult to clean, soot can contain creosote and other harmful substances, which could cause damage to a cat’s eyes and digestive tract.

RSPCA worker that has extracted a sooty cat from the chimney

There are many stories of cats being stuck inside chimneys and needing to be extracted by the RSPCA. In other instances, the fire brigade has had to come and rescue cats by knocking holes into the chimney breast – a messy and expensive job! We’ve even heard the phrase ‘my cat is stuck in the roof’, where a cheeky kitten has climbed completely out of reach.

All in all, cats up chimneys are to be avoided, so it’s imperative that you prevent them from climbing the chimney in the first place. You can do this by fitting a perfectly sized chimney blocker!

Chimneys aren’t one size, so you’ll need to measure up! Grab your tape measure and check out our simple measuring guide.

Measure your chimney

Will my cat climb up the chimney?


Any owner will tell you that cats have a tendency for tucking into all kinds of small, tight spaces. According to the experts, it is instinctive behaviour to seek out confined spaces to hide in. Cats love to find the perfect tight spot to sneakily stalk prey, while ensuring they’re not being ambushed from behind.

Domestic cats seem to enjoy finding the perfect vantage point to nosy at everything, somewhere high, out of reach, with a great view! So, chimneys must seem like an irresistible confined space to investigate. The scent of fresh air from the top must make the chimney seem like a tall tunnel to the outdoors and a route to the perfect spot for watching the world go by! Being natural born climbers, it begs the question ‘don’t all cats like to climb chimneys?’

Since the research shows that cats are genetically predisposed to climb into tight, dark spaces such as chimneys – it’s important to ensure you block the fireplace as soon as you can! As the old sayng goes, prevention is better than cure!

Got the measurements of your chimney already? Take a look at our sizing chart to find out which size ‘Sheep’ you need.

Check out our sizing chart

Stop your cat from climbing the chimney

a tabby cat sat inside the top of a brick chimney stack

So, the answer to the question: will a Chimney Sheep® stop cats from climbing the chimney? In short, yes it can! The Chimney Sheep® draught stopper lodges tightly in the throat of the chimney.

Once in place, cats tend to stop being interested in the chimney. The chimney flue no longer looks like a beckoning void to explore, and with the cold draughts blocked off, it’s no longer a tunnel to the great outdoors. So, while the odd, ferociously determined cat may try to pull a Chimney Sheep® out; in most cases the Chimney Sheep® chimney draught excluder will be just the trick for stopping cats from climbing into the chimney (as well as making your home nice and cosy).

So, what are you waiting for? Block your feline from the flue! We have a huge size range (as well as custom sizes), so no matter your chimney shape or size there’s a Chimney Sheep® to plug your chimney.

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Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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