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Published 29 Feb 2016

Does it stop wind noise?

We get asked this a lot. The short answer is, yes it will! If you put a thick layer of felted wool in your chimney then it will muffle the noise of the wind. However all chimneys vary, and house locations vary, so it really depends upon where you live and how much your house is exposed to prevailing winds as to how noisy your chimney is going to be. Another source of wind noise that people complain about is that even if the chimney is capped off, the cap has holes in it for ventilation, and this can act like a whistle, which gets amplified as the noise travels down the flue. It is important to make sure that you get a Chimney Sheep® that’s larger than the opening, so it has enough overlap all the way round to grip onto the edges and provide a good seal.

As well as working by muffling the noise, it will plug the gap and reduce the amount of wind that whistles down the chimney. There is constant airflow through a chimney, due to a phenomenon known as the stack effect, and having the wind blowing across the top of the chimney creates an even greater pull. It may sound like it’s whistling down the flue, but what you may find is that the wind blowing across the top is pulling more air up and out. This in turn is pulling cold air in from other places, creating those chilly draughts. Anyway, whatever’s going on, by plugging the gap with a Chimney Sheep® you’re keeping the wind at bay on three fronts – stopping it whistling down the chimney, stopping it pulling air up and out of the chimney, and physically muffling the sound. Three more reasons to stick a ‘sheep in your chimney!

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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