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Published 24 Jun 2014

Summer Sheep

It’s summer! Sales have quietened off but there’s still a steady flow of orders. So why would you want to buy a sheep in the summer? Well, there are a number of reasons.

Firstly, a lot of people bung up the chimney at the end of the winter, to reduce draughts over the summer while the chimney’s not in use. It also does a good job of preventing the smell of soot from wafting down the chimney. Secondly, a lot of people just keep meaning to measure their chimney flue and are getting organised ready for the next winter season, as it’s on the job list they are working through.

The Chimney Sheep™ doesn’t just keep warm air from escaping over the winter months. It does a number of other jobs too. It stops wildlife from finding its way into your home. We’ve been doing a roaring trade in Chimney Sheeps that are cluster fly preventers. They also stop bats from coming down the chimney. Bats love roosting in chimneys.

Once upon a time they would all have lived in trees, but now that there aren’t so many veteran trees with cosy natural crevices for them to roost in, they’ve adapted and taken to roosting in houses. Chimneys must be a bit like a tree for a bat, and there are often perfect crevices for them to roost in. Unfortunately some get lost and end up coming down the chimney, then get confused and stressed and can’t find their way out. The Chimney Sheep™ is a bat-friendly way of preventing them from getting in. It has also been used to stop pigeons, jackdaws and even lizards from getting in.

It will stop soot and chimney debris from falling onto your hearth (remember to take it out very carefully at the end of the summer!).

Remember the analogy that having an open chimney is like having a window open all the time? Well if it’s so hot that you need air conditioning on, you don’t want it escaping out of your chimney. When it’s really hot, the Chimney Sheep™ works hard to keep the precious cool air in and the hot air out.

Wool prices have shot up over the last couple of years so while we’ve done our best to keep prices down, some of the products will be going up by around 5% in a month’s time. So that’s another excellent reason to buy a sheep in the summer!

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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