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Published 23 Jan 2024

What is the best eco nappy: Hybrid compostable nappies vs biodegradable nappies

What is the best eco nappy is a question that parents ask themselves (and Google) a lot. With the planet at the forefront of most people's minds and nappies being one of the most wasteful baby products, lots of parents are searching for the most eco-friendly nappy option. Well, we're here to help! Read on to find out about the hybrid nappy and how it compares to a biodegradable nappy from a sustainability perspective.

What is a hybrid eco nappy?

Ladies - you wouldn’t throw away your pants along with a used sanitary towel, now would you? So why on earth throw away a whole nappy? Surely it makes more sense to just dispose of the pad, and re-use the outer pant part? Even better if the pad could be compostable. Well, at last, such a hybrid nappy exists in the UK!

Hybrid nappies have been in mainstream use in Australia as a sustainable nappy option for the last three decades, but the concept hasn’t taken off in the UK or mainland Europe for some reason. We are now bringing them to the UK market as part our effort to make sustainable living as easy as possible.

Hybrid Eco nappy with pant, liner and the pant and liner combination

The hybrid eco nappy system comprises a soft and comfortable outer pant with a disposable pad. It has a small but genius detail in the form of a popper at the back. The pad fits in the pouch at the front of the outer pant, then extends out the back and is popped into place with the popper. This means that the pad catches ALL THE POO and reduces the number of times the outer needs to be washed. So when it comes to nappy change time, just remove the pad, put it in a compostable bag and pop in another. EASY! We’ve got compostable wet wipes and planet + skin kind baby lotion as well if you need them.

There is also a washable reusable cloth pad that fits into the pouch so you can mix and match. It has been developed to be super absorbent – it’s probably the most absorbent reusable nappy on the market – and very quick-drying. Even if you’re a committed real-nappy-washer, there are some circumstances where disposables make life easier. So you can use the reusable and compostable disposable nappy pad interchangeably. This makes the hybrid nappy not just a great eco nappy option but a practical, flexible and convenient nappy option too! 


What’s the difference between compostable hybrid nappies and biodegradable nappies?

biodegradable nappies in the bin
None of the nappies that are being marketed as biodegradable are 100% compostable. They all have parts like the leg cuffs and the Velcro that are plastic. If you wanted to compost these biodegradable nappies, you would have to pull off the sticky plastic parts in order to compost them. It's not something that many people are going to do with a shitty nappy. Especially when the whole biodegradable nappy is going into landfill or incineration anyway. Sadly, at the moment in the UK there is nowhere to compost sanitary products, however compostable they are. Composting is an excellent means of turning our rather yucky organic waste into lovely organic compost which then becomes something useful and productive. In Toronto they accept human waste products in their municipal compost collection and redistribute compost back to their communities. Various states in Australia collect compostable diapers as a matter of course (and dog poo, which is a lot better than having it all go to landfill in plastic bags).

The Eenee hybrid compostable nappy system provides the convenience of disposable nappies with the sustainability of cloth nappies. Even if there isn’t the facility to compost the pads, the fact that you are only disposing of the mucky half of the nappy means that the amount of nappy waste is being halved. And that can only be a good thing.

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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