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Published 02 Mar 2013

Why Herdwick?

I’ve been asked a few times why I specifically use Herdwick felt. I’ve tried so many different blends, and Herdwick always comes out the winner. Although the Chimney Sheep™ is a very low tech product, it relies upon the felt to be the right texture to hold itself in the flue, without being so soft that it just falls out or so stiff that it bends without compressing into shape.

As I’ve mentioned before, Herdwicks are hardy fell sheep. They’ve been out on the mountains in all this winter weather, scraping under the snow for anything edible. Their wool is extremely wiry and thick, so that they can cope with the extremes of wet and cold. That’s why the Chimney Sheep™ has been getting such favorable feedback in our recent cold weather, as the wool has been insulating chimneys from cold and wet and making a noticeable difference to the temperature in the room.

I love getting feedback from people & hearing how they are getting on with their sheep. It is really gratifying to hear that people are not just noticing a reduction in draughts but actually turning down their thermostats. My suppliers recently ran out of Herdwick felt so offered a blend of other grey wools but it just wasn’t right. The good news for farmers is that the price of Herdwick wool has doubled in the last year.

So we’ve had a little pause while some more Herdwick wool was sourced and 500m of felt made. I’m pleased to say it is now completed and ready to go. There were enough of the standard sheep in stock to keep supplies going but many thanks to the customers waiting for their odd sheep for their patience. We are back on schedule and catching up with orders. As I’ve mentioned before, Herdwicks are hardy fell sheep.


Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

chimney sheep
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