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Published 05 Oct 2016

Winter is coming! Stop heat loss in older homes with a Chimney Sheep® draught excluder

Many older properties in the UK with open fireplaces are costing homeowners hundreds of pounds in lost heat each year. Homeowners are being advised to block the draught with a chimney draught excluder from Chimney Sheep, especially if the fireplace is only used occasionally over the winter months.

So, it’s October now and the heating is switched on! The leaves are turning colour and beginning to fall. As the temperature drops, and autumn sets in, homeowners in properties with open fires start to feel and hear the draughts coming from their fireplaces. These draughts bring a chill into living spaces. Draught proofing is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to save energy in the home. Investing in a Chimney Sheep Draft Excluder will keep living spaces comfortable over the winter months when the fire isn’t being used.


We offer a range of fireplace draught excluders to fit different variations of open fires – not only do they keep the draughts away, they also help make a home more energy efficient by providing a simple, effective, easy-to-fit and inexpensive solution to a draughty fireplace.

If central heating is on when a fire isn’t lit, a roomful of / 40 cubic metres warm air will disappear up the flue within an hour. This escaping air needs to be replaced, so cold air is pulled in from under doors and round windows, creating cold draughts. Insulating the chimney doesn’t just stop draughts, but reduces draughts from other parts of the house too. Chimney draughts can be blocked and chimney heat loss is reduced with a Chimney Sheep®.

How to install chimney sheep diagram

The chimney sheep is a 100% sheep wool product designed to keep warm air in a house and cool draughts out. It is the only truly sustainable chimney draught proofing solution on the market. We will be working closely with the insulation industry to include chimney insulation as part of the raft of standard measures. Visit the online shop here for Chimney Sheep Chimney Draught Excluders, accessories and more.

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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