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Published 22 May 2019

Get your hands on our all-natural gardening products in time for the Summer

As you know here at Chimney Sheep we have a great range of all-natural gardening products. With summer just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about your lovely gardens – we want them in full bloom just as much as you do!

The gardening products we produce are made with natural materials such as jute and wool; we have worked hard to repurpose wool to create several products that allow you to make sustainable gardening choices.

To help you choose the best gardening products for your needs, we have highlighted some of our favourites!

Jute Mulch Mats

Our garden jute mulch mats have been designed to suit both single trees and plants. We think they are particularly special as they are made from recycled hessian coffee sacks, producing a 5mm thick, dense jute mat, and so are 100% sustainable.

Here at Chimney Sheep HQ, we love using the mulch mats for both our trees and potted plants, so we have cut the mat into discs of either 40cm and 35cm in diameter which are designed for use as tree spats and have also cut three standard plant pot sized discs of 10”, 8”, 4”, to be used as plant mulch mats.
Don’t think those will fit for your requirements? Not to worry, just drop us an email and we can cut the jute mulch matting into a bespoke sizes according to your needs.

How to use the all-natural Jute Mulch Mats this summer

The jute discs are perfectly designed to slot around the base of the tree or plant and start acting as a protectant immediately – simple!

100% biodegradable the mulch mats create a chemical-free way of reducing weed competition whilst also retaining moisture and airflow into your soil – definitely something your plants will thank you for. As a bonus, the coarseness of the material, means the mulch mats also act to deter both snails and slugs, giving your foliage the best chance of survival!

Jute felt chippings

We try to reduce waste as much as possible so all the offcuts produced during the jute mulch mat production process are then cut even smaller for use as jute felt chippings. This is the perfect all-natural garden saviour that can be used over larger areas, such as flower beds and has similar properties to using the mats. It’s more jaggedey creating a rough surface that is unpleasant for slugs and snails to slime over. We can’t promise it puts them off completely but if you have a plant barricaded by jute chippings, and one that is not, the lazy things will choose the unbarricaded one unless they are desperately hungry. If you give it a soak in the RHS Hole-less Hostas garlic concoction then this will fortify your plants against them even more.

A recipe for boiling garlic cloves in water to create a liquid to pour over the slate shillies in order to deter slugs and snails

Horticultural Felt

One of the most popular products in our gardening range in the ever-so-versatile horticultural felt. This is made with a mixed sheep wool that has been cleverly felted onto a jute carrier material. Like the jute mulch mats, our horticultural felt is 100% natural and biodegradable – all foliage friendly! We source this on a big roll, so just let us know how much you need and we can cut it to your requirements.

pure mixed colour wool felted onto jute for natural wool mulch

How to use the Horticultural Felt this summer

The felt has a multitude of uses, both commercially, such as a bed protector for growing organic crops and on a smaller scale within home gardens or allotments. Over the years we have tried out lots of different ways to use the horticultural felt, but our favourite ways to use it over the summer are:
● A ‘no-till method’ of starting a vegetable bed.
● A root protectant when planting out trees to retain water
● An all-natural capillary matting for potted plants.

A collection of plants in pots, with jute mulch mats covering the soil and wool felt capillary matting underneath
All-natural Herdwick Wool Felt Chippings

Our Herdwick wool felt ‘chippings’ are one of our favourite gardening products. Why you ask? Because they are made with wonderful Herdwick wool of course! The Herdwick chippings are reminiscent of the traditional slate chippings or ‘shillies’ as we call them up here in Cumbria. As we mentioned above, WE HATE WASTE, so the idea of the Herdwick chippings came to us during the manufacturing of The Chimney Sheep®. We saw that there was quite a bit of off-cut material and thus was born our wool chippings – we just chopped the off-cuts down further and voilà!

How to use the Herdwick Wool Felt Chippings this summer

The Herdwick wool felt chippings are the perfect mulch for gardens this summer. The chippings are wonderful at naturally killing those pesky weeds and grass by depriving them of light. As an extra bonus, due to its biodegradable properties, the wool chippings will also slowly decompose, releasing nitrogen into the soil, without the use of further chemicals – winning!

We sell the Herdwick wool felt chippings in 1kg bags which will cover an area of approximately one square metre.

Try our gardening products for yourself! Click here to see our full range and get started on making your garden a success this summer.

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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