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Published 19 Apr 2024


This is such a mundane thing for me to get excited about. But I can’t help it. We bring you…..recycled toilet paper! Oh. I said it wrong. Recycled PAPER toilet paper.

It is utterly pointless to grow a perfectly good tree for 80 years and then cut it down to make toilet paper. Just because it is Forest Stewardship Council certified and grown in a sustainable forest and more trees will be planted to replace it, doesn’t make it OK. We need to grow trees to harvest for timber products, of course. Personally, I find it immoral that we import as much timber as we do. We rely on imports from overseas, but there’s plenty of space for us to grow our own timber.

Coniferous forest being felled for timber and paper

There’s sometimes a trees vs food debate, but there is a lot of land that is no good for growing food that is very good for growing trees. So trees are precious things, and the land that is used for growing them is in demand. We recycle around 10 million tons of paper per year in the UK, so it makes perfect sense to use this for toilet rolls and kitchen paper.

Yes, you can buy sustainable loo roll made of bamboo, but it’s shipped from across the other side of the world…..we all make our own sustainability choices but I’m just very happy to be able to offer loo rolls made in the UK from paper recycled in the UK. It’s made of a mix of consumer and trade waste paper.

We buy the loo rolls in bulk and then we just pack them loose into a box. No extra packaging or anything. You can buy individual rolls and we will chuck them in with the rest of your order, or you can get a full box of 18 rolls

Not only do we have recycled paper toilet rolls but also....
Not one...
....but TWO different kinds of recycled paper kitchen roll 😀
Twin roll packs or single jumbo rolls: 

Jumbo rolls of kitchen towels made from recycled UK paper

I found it hard to find recycled paper napkins. And when I did find some, they were packaged in plastic. Not even compostable plastic. Anyhow, long story short, we buy them in bulk and pack them ourselves in Kraft paper. There are two sizes for all your catering requirements, in a nice neutral unbleached shade.


33cm recycled paper napkins in eco-friendly packaging

And just one more thing, I hope you are going to love these as much as we do. Going back 30 years or so, it was really hard to get print companies to print on recycled paper and card. I used to insist on it and they always made a fuss. So I know how tricky it would have been for the Eco Card Co to establish their business back in 1993. They produce beautiful cards printed on 100% recycled card. They are non chlorine bleached, really high quality cards with gorgeous images, most of them evocative of Devon where they are based. They’ve got a massive range and we’ve chosen a small selection to add to our “Gifty Things” range. There are individual cards plus multi-packs so you can stock up and have a card ready for any occasion.

Blank multipack of greeting cards with 2 each of 4 designs

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