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Published 12 Oct 2020

Chimney Sheep Press 2020

Here is a little look at some of the press articles we have been featured in during 2020!


Chimney Sheep® draught excluder

The Times logo

The Times wrote a brilliant online and print article titled ‘How to save energy, but stay warm’ and included our Chimney Sheep® draught excluder as a must-have for draught exclusion, informing people that “chimneys also suck air out of homes”. They also mentioned things like thermal curtains and radiator reflectors as easy ways to save energy.

My Weekly logo

Our Chimney Sheep® was mentioned in Helen Lederer’s column in My Weekly magazine. It was featured in the ‘Tech Corner’ and was highlighted as an easy way to reduce energy bills. It stated that “if you have chimneys, this is for you!” – we couldn’t agree more!


Country Living logo

The team at Country Living loved the idea of our Chimney Sheep® draught excluders so included it as part of their ‘Going Greener’ feature in their February issue. It was suggested as a great way for people with chimneys to help the country achieve our net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2050.


inews logo

iNews published a really interesting online and print article addressing the issue of British homes lose heat more quickly than those in Europe on average due to draughts and heat leakage, exploring how this was contributing to the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. They included a brilliant diagram that showed readers how they could draught-proof their home effectively and mentioned our Chimney Sheep® as a great way to draught-proof a chimney.



Saga logo

Saga published a great online piece about saving money in the winter, suggesting that readers should make sure their homes are draught-proofed to prevent energy wastage. They mentioned using a Chimney Sheep® “to stop heat loss up an unused chimney”. We hope that advice helped lots of people keep their homes cosy!


The Times logo

The Times featured us AGAIN this year and we were very flattered, as you can imagine! This time it was an article about how energy efficiency measures not only reduce energy bills but also add value to a home! Draught-proofing was one of the suggestions given to homeowners, advising them to “focus on where warm air gets out: an unused chimney is like a window left open, exacerbated by the stack effect” and to try a Chimney Sheep® to solve that.


Real Homes logo

Our chimney draught excluders were featured this year in Real Homes in an online piece titled ’18 ways to make an old home more energy efficient’. It suggested to homeowners that they should consider blocking their open chimney by inserting a removable chimney draught excluder such as ours!


Good Housekeeping

In July, Good Housekeeping online published a great article about how to make homes more sustainable, which they highlighted was not only great for the environment but also for your wallet too! A Chimney Sheep® was featured as a sustainable draught-proofing measure due to it being “made from sheep’s wool” and using limited plastic.


Period Living logo

Period Living published a piece about fireplace maintenance in their October issue and gave our draught excluders a mention!



ideal home logo

Chimney Sheep® was also mentioned in the October issue of Ideal Home in their Simple Solutions feature which highlighted some of the latest home heating and energy-saving innovations (we were amongst very good company!) highlighting our draught excluder as a sustainable choice for those with open chimneys.


Your Home logo

We were featured in Your Home‘s 2020 Decorating Special has an “intelligent insulation” measure in an article about home improvement stating that “energy-efficient heat retention isn’t just for winter”. Here, here!


Countryside Magazine

For Wool Week, Country Magazine did a brilliant A-Z of a whole host of wool innovations, uses and wool types. We were included us as the letter ‘S’ for ‘Superb Insulator’ highlighting the Chimney Sheep® and why wool is the perfect material for the product.



ideal home logo

Ideal Home dedicated a WHOLE article just about the Chimney Sheep® in October. We were blown away! Ideal Homes called our chimney draught excluder ‘ingenious’, a ‘smart solution’ and ‘simple, yet so brilliantly effective’ highlighting the fact that it could save people lots of money on their heating during the winter. Now you don’t just have to take our word for it, Ideal Homes are advocates too!


yours magazine logo

Yours Magazine included the Chimney Sheep® in their October issue in the ‘Go Green’ feature. The article called it “the must-have eco tool for households this winter” and also highlighted Operation Wool stating that the product is “made from wool bought directly from farmers at a fair price to help support the farming and wool industries”.



money saving expert logo

We are Money Saving Expert and Martin Lewis approved! We were included as one of their top ‘thrifty heat-saving tips’. The article mentioned that “if you’ve an open, uninsulated chimney, you could be losing money on wasted heat” – they are right!



Gardening Products


Berkshire Life logo

Our 100% Natural Sheep’s Wool Garden Felt was mentioned by gardening journalist, Naomi Slade, in the Berkshire Life magazine’s Garden News section. She suggested using the felt as an “insulating layer” by covering and wrapping tender plants and potted specimens too.



Amateur Gardening

Ruth Hayes, one of Amateur Gardening’s gardening experts, used one of our Jute Mulch Mats to demonstrate how to plant out a container-grown tree effectively in the magazine’s February issue. She said she used a Chimney Sheep mulch mat to “deter slugs and retain water” to ensure healthy growth.


Country Life logo

Country Life magazine featured our gardening products in an article in their Spring issue about British-made gardening products. They highlighted our Jute Mulch Mats and our Garden Felt as great “chemical free” gardening tools.

Womans Own logo

Woman’s Own magazine featured our gardening products too this year! This time though, our Felt Shillies, as their gardening ‘Buy of the Week’, describing them as a “fabulous…mulch” and a great way to “naturally suppress weeds and release nitrogen into the soil”.

Amateur Gardening

Amateur Gardening magazine mentioned us again in their October issue, featuring our Jute Mulch Mats and our Felt Shillies as perfect ways to keep your plants protected during the winter and to help block off weed growth.



Buy Land Plants Trees

Cumbria Life logo

Cumbria Life wrote a lovely feature all about our Buy Land Plant Trees initiative in their September issue, interviewing Sally about the initiative and the importance of trees. She spoke about everything from habitat creations, tree species, CO2 absorption and flood alleviation. It was a great piece highlighting Sally’s thinking behind Buy Land Plant Trees and her passion for trees, as well as the next stage of the project – the planting of our 13-acre field!


Operation Wool

Operation Wool took the press by storm this year! We were featured in lots of farming and local press about our wool sourcing project. You can read more about the project here or have a look at some of the online articles below:

Operation Wool was also featured in Country Small Holding magazine and Cumbria Life magazine who both wrote great articles about the project!


Sally & The Business

Cumbria Life logoSally was interviewed by Cumbria Life and got a chance to speak about all things Chimney Sheep in the January issue of the magazine; from where the business started to where we are now! It made for a brilliant read and was a great chance for Sally to reflect on how far we’ve come since 2012.

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

chimney sheep
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