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Published 15 Oct 2019

How to Winterize your Garden with our Natural Gardening Products

We have a range of jute mulch mats and 100% wool felt for gardens. These versatile products can be used in a range of applications all year round but they are particularly useful when it comes to getting your garden ready for winter.

How to protect potted plants from winter frost and rain

Many gardeners advise wrapping plant pots in bubble wrap, with an outer layer of hessian to make it look better. With our sheep wool garden felt you can ditch the plastic, wrap your plants in a nice warm layer of felted wool, to protect them from winter frosts. The wool felt is breathable so your plants won’t overheat if there’s a sudden hot spell. In the spring the wool can be used as a mulch. It can also continue to protect delicate plants against late frosts, if the nesting birds leave you any behind! We do find that the birds love the wool in the spring time for lining their nests, and who can blame them?

fig tree in pot entirely wrapped in felted sheep wool with dusting of snow on it

How do you prepare a flower bed for winter?

Don’t cut it all back! Leave some plants in place as winter garden habitat for insects. The taller stuff needs to be trimmed down so it’s not at risk of damage from winter winds, but leave some herbaceous perennials for the insects to overwinter in. I’ve also noticed bees taking up occupancy in the wool felt, burrowing deep into it, so it also provides shelter for our valuable pollinators.

And don’t forget your outside taps! We’ve got a handy tap cover that simply loops over and protects it from freezing up.

How can I protect my plants in the winter?

Mulch! Mulch is the answer to everything. Spread the wool out over a whole bed to mulch it and protect the roots of perennials that haven’t got deep enough to be frost resistant. It will also help protect semi-hardy plants. In the spring you can simply cut holes in it if you want to insert new plants. Alternatively you can roll it up and save it for another winter. Or cut it into bits and slot it around individual plants. Or use it to wrap around the root balls of trees and larger plants you need to plant. Or cut it into smaller bits and use it at the base of plant pots. It will make your expensive peat-free compost go further, it will absorb excess moisture and it will release the moisture back into the compost as the plants need it. It will slowly biodegrade introducing valuable nutrients into the soil, and it will give the roots a medium to extend into. It really is versatile stuff!

If you want to mulch individual plants in beds or pots we recommend our felt shillies. These can be heaped around the plant to protect the roots from frost, and as they decompose they add a nutrient boost in the spring. Just make sure they’re not heaped against the stalk or trunk as this can cause the plant itself to rot at the stem.

How is it that weeds manage to grow in the winter garden when everything else is dormant? Keep the weeds supressed with our neat jute mulch mats. These will also offer protection against frost, and will stop weeds from sprouting, especially when spring finally comes.

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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