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Discover a new way to nappy with hybrid eco nappies

Hybrid eco nappy that is compostable and sustainable

What is a hybrid eco nappy?

Hybrid nappies are a no-brainer. A reusable outer and a 100% compostable disposable inner. Made from 100% sustainable and eco-friendly materials with no petrochemical plastics, perfumes, solvents or other irritants, these biodegradable nappy pads are gentle on your baby’s delicate skin and the planet.

Our eco-friendly nappies combine the technical absorption and protection of disposable nappies (yes, we do mean poonami proof!) with the environmental benefits and affordability of reusable cloth nappies. This is achieved by taking the best features from each of the current nappy systems to create an ingenious two-part ‘hybrid’ nappy system - a reusable nappy pant, paired with a disposable pad that can be composted. Originally created in Australia, we are the sole suppliers of Eenee compostable nappies in the UK.


Why hybrid compostable nappies?

Comfortable on your baby’s skin, highly absorbent and cut to ensure plenty of room for wriggling and exploring, our low waste nappies are the baby-friendly and planet-friendly changing solution you’ve been looking for from newborn to toddler.

The compostable eco nappy pads can be hot composted. If this isn't available the nappy pads can also go into a regular bin. They will degrade quicker in landfill than regular nappies. Throwing away the inner pad vs a full disposable nappy means LESS waste .

Our eco nappy system consists of a reusable nappy pant, paired with a disposable pad that can be composted. When nappy change time comes around, just the biodegradable nappy pad needs replacing. Perfect for at home and on-the-go!

Biodegradable and bamboo nappies are a great idea but extremely expensive! With our hybrid eco nappies, once you've bought the pants, all you need to keep re-purchasing are the compostable nappy pads.

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Awards & Recognition

Medal in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2019 & 2020
My Child Favourite Disposable Nappy Product Excellence Award 2019
Endorsed by Compost Australia

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The hybrid eco nappy system comprises a soft and comfortable outer pant with a disposable pad. When it comes to nappy change time, just remove the pad, put it in a compostable bag and pop in another. EASY! There is also a washable reusable cloth pad that fits into the pouch so you can mix and match. It has been developed to be super absorbent and very quick-drying. You can use the reusable and compostable disposable nappy pad interchangeably.

Eenee Designs Hybrid Nappy Pants Blue with sailboats
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Eenee Compostable Nappies Small Pack of 34
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Baby tummy wrap for compostable nappies in a bright pink colour
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Eenee Designs Reusable Pouch Pad in blue
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Eenee designs nappy wet bag 25 x 30 cm
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Beaming Baby Organic Cotton Wipes 6 Pack showing 3 designs on a white background
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Eco-friendly nappy resources

Whether you want to know which size is most suitable for your baby or how our nappies compare to other biodedradable nappies on the market, take a look at our eco nappy resources!

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Got questions about our biodegradable nappies?

Our hybrid compostable eco nappies are a new concept to the world of nappies! Understandably you might have some questions about how they work and their impact on the planet. Take a look at our FAQs to get your questions answered!

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