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Published 25 Sep 2020

Get your GBBO on with our new eco-baking products!

With The Great British Bake Off back on our tellies, have you been raring to get in your kitchen and create some yumminess? Us too! That is why we have added some brand new of eco-baking products to the Chimney Sheep range!

The difference with these baking products is that they are all eco-friendly, each in their own special way, but all completely plastic-free and sustainably sourced and without compromising on quality. We have tested all these eco-baking products ourselves and safe to say, we love them and have had some very successful bakes (you’ll see some photos below!).

From chlorine-free baking parchment to compostable muffin cases we have got you covered to make sure you can whip up a showstopper at any time – all with minimum waste and a reduced impact on the environment. And to all you amateur bakers out there, why not give eco-baking a go? It is getting colder after all and we are all limited in what we can do outside our homes at the moment so it’s your perfect chance!

Chlorine-Free Baking Parchment

Cookies using baking parchment

Our Baking Parchment is a fabulous eco-friendly alternative to your standard greaseproof paper. You can use this baking paper for a multitude of different kitchen pursuits from cooking to baking, roasting to reheating, wrapping to lining and you could even use it for origami whilst you wait for your yummy food to do its magic in the oven.

This baking parchment is also totally chlorine-free which means it is unbleached. You’ll instantly be able to recognise bleached baking paper as it is white which means it has been treated with chlorine, whereas this baking paper is brown. That shows you it is totally chlorine-free (TCF) The bleaching is purely for aesthetic reasons but the effects of doing it can be damaging to both animals and humans. Chlorine-bleached parchment paper is warmed creating a nasty by-product called dioxin that has been linked with reproductive and developmental issues, damage of the defence system and with the interference of hormones. This chemical often finds its way back into our waterways either during its production or after its disposal and can cause completely unnecessary damage not only to humans but also to species that live in oceans, lakes and rivers.

Enjoy afternoons in the kitchen safe in the knowledge that the baking paper you are using is completely and utterly environmentally friendly.

Muffin & Cupcake Cases

eco-baking homemade muffins

The new Muffin Cases are an eco-baking must have. They are made from a similar paper as our Baking Parchment but have been formed into a perfect ‘cup’ shape that will fit in a standard muffin/cupcake tin. These muffin cases are FSC certified and made from sustainable paper sources. The FSC is an organisation that promotes responsible and sustainable forest management through a rigorous certification system of forests and forest products. When you buy these muffin cases, you know it is from forests that comply with these environmental and social standards. AND they are completely compostable after use!

These can be used for both sweet and savoury bakes. Why not get creative and try muffins, cupcakes, mini quiches, baked eggs, or go crazy and just try the lot! When we used these we loved that they didn’t separate from our bakes but instead adhered and kept their shape. They are entirely greaseproof which meant that when it to eating our baking masterpieces, the cases peeled off easily (so none of that sticky business). Two big ticks from us!

100% Recycled Aluminium Foil

Our new Aluminium Foil is one of our favourite eco-baking alternatives because of the massive difference it makes to the environment when you choose to use it.

This foil is a shiny superstar (quite literally) because it is made with 100% recycled Aluminium which uses 95% less energy vs. the manufacturing of your bog-standard foil.

Why? Because it cuts out the need to mine new aluminium which is an extremely power-intensive process. Instead, the foil is made from aluminium that has already been used and recycled! It means less waste and a BIG saviour for the environment. See why we love it so much now?

The foil is a super versatile product and will keep food fresh and tasty, preserve moisture and nutritional value whilst protecting food against humidity, odours and bacteria. It creates hours of entertainment for the kids too – robot costumes, bath boat making, science projects. The list goes on!

Paper Loaf Cases

eco-baking paper loaf pan

Love baking a banana loaf for elevenses? Then these Paper Loaf Cases are for you! Made from natural greaseproof paper (a similar but sturdier paper used to make our Baking Paper), these loaf cases are both practical and versatile.

These cases are suitable for all loaf recipes (including bread baking!), don’t require any greasing beforehand and you don’t even have to remove the loaf from the case before you serve which make them perfect for transportation. All in all, these cases making baking quicker, easier and stress-free! Paul Hollywood is bound to be impressed by the final result. They are of course oven safe, microwave safe and even freezer safe (if you can resist eating your whole loaf cake). Once you’ve used the loaf case, add it to your compost and it will completely break down. God we love our composts…

Compostable Coffee Filters

If You Care Coffee Filters

What is cake without coffee? Well, it’s like salt without pepper, Bonnie without Clyde….it just wouldn’t make sense! That is why we have also added Coffee Filters to our range! These coffee filters are FSC certified and 100% biodegradable and compostable. Thanks to the paper of the coffee filters being unbleached, TCF and plastic-free, the coffee filters are 100% biodegradable and compostable which includes the coffee granules too! This means you can put them in your garden, take them to a compost facility or even put them in your home compost. They will completely break down into the soil, back into the basic amino acids that a plant can use to grow! These coffee filters have a strong ‘never break’ patented wave seam to ensure that you get the perfect coffee every time and will work for V60 pour-over style coffees and filter coffee machines. Enjoy!

Why not give some of these eco-baking products a try and let us know what you think!

Happy Baking!

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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