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Published 20 Aug 2020

Outdoor summer fun for kids: 3 ways to keep them busy in the last weeks of the summer holidays


Kids Summer Fun Exploring

It is the last couple of weeks of the school summer holidays and this year, they may have seemed particularly long with home-schooling in place for most children since March. Although the end is in sight with schools set to open again in September, you may be running low on ways to organise some outdoor summer fun for kids during the next couple of weeks.

Well, we are here to help with some ways to get your kids outdoors in the fresh air, using some of that endless energy to help the environment around them! If we help children understand the beauty and the importance of nature from a young age, they will forever appreciate it and crucially, work to help preserve it.

Go guerrilla gardening!

Make your own seed bombs with our seed bomb kits!

Bring out the inner guerrilla in your children! Let them go crazy and chuck seed balls wherever they feel the need for seed – in unused grasslands, woodlands, even your own back garden!

Spend the morning getting your children to make their very own seed balls with our seed bomb kits and spend the afternoon watching them run around like headless chickens throwing them into unused rural areas. Once a seed ball has been thrown it turns into a seed bomb and your little ones have become mini guerrilla gardeners!

These are a great way for kids to learn about the importance of rejuvenating barren spaces to help create habitats for local wildlife – bees, butterflies, birds and so much more.

Our seed bomb kits contain a packet of wool compost, a packet of clay and a packet of seeds, with instructions, providing enough materials for 20 – 30 seed bombs. Just enough for a day of seed bomb fun!

Create a wildlife village!

Hedgehog House!

Start your very own Autumnwatch in your back garden with our selection of hospitality for wildlife. Put up bird boxes with nest wool, an insect hotel, a few bat boxes or even a hedgehog house with the kids and get them to keep their eyes out for wildlife on their doorstep. You’ll have a garden like Beatrix Potter in no time!

This activity is the definition of outdoor summer fun for kids and is a really easy way to explain habitat loss along with the importance of wildlife in nature to children. You can teach them that creating habitats for wildlife will encourage different species to nest and breed which can really make a difference to their survival. The RSBP has some great resources for kids online that can help!

Make a window garden!

Use our garden felt to grow cress!

With the unpredictable British summer weather, outdoor activities aren’t always a guarantee, so why not bring a bit of nature indoors and get your children to create a window garden? We have some great natural gardening products that make it super easy, fun and engaging!

Try growing some cress using our 100% natural gardening felt – a really easy activity that kids of all ages can get involved with. Simply scatter the seeds into the wool, water them, place them by a window and watch your little ones become fascinated as they germinate and grow. You can even use the cress to make egg and cress sandwiches for their lunchbox – winner, winner!

‘Growing your own’ is a really simple way for kids to learn about how and where food is produced (and we don’t mean the supermarket!). It might even get them to eat some more green veg…we can live in hope!

Whatever you plan on doing with your children in the last couple of weeks of the summer holidays, we hope you enjoy it. You’ll miss them once they are back at school, we promise!!!

Sally Phillips

Inventor of Chimney Sheep

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