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Chimney Sheep® Chimney Draught Excluder - Round 12″ (30cm)


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UK wool

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UK made

Energy saving

Money saving

A Chimney Sheep® is a highly efficient, removable chimney draught excluder made from felted Herdwick sheep’s wool. It is the only chimney draught excluder with a BBA certificate and industry reassurance. Made at our factory in Cumbria using UK wool, our original and best-selling product ensures your home is heated efficiently by keeping the heat in and the cold draughts out.

A Chimney Sheep® will:

  • Reduce energy bills 
  • Reduce household carbon output
  • Reduce wind noise from the chimney
  • Stop wildlife and debris falling into the hearth
  • Work in the summer to keep a house cool
  • Reduce air pollution entering the home

Each Chimney Sheep® comes with a 6″ handle and 6″ extension rod, giving 12″ of reach altogether.

Not sure how to measure your chimney?

Watch our video for simple steps!

Chimney Sheep® size calculator

Not sure what size you need? Input your measurements into the sizing calculator and hey presto, it’ll tell you which sized Chimney Sheep® is perfect for your flue

Select chimney shape

Enter your chimney dimensions

Width (Diameter)
Download sizing chart (PDF)
Our range will fit most chimney flues. However, with the huge variation, inevitably there'll be some that don’t match our standard sizes. If this is the case, Get in touch with your chimney dimensions and we’ll quote for a bespoke Chimney Sheep®.

Product description & details

Frequently Asked Questions

Measure & Fit

How do I measure my chimney for a Chimney Sheep®?

Head to our measuring instructions page for an easy step-by-step guide or watch this video.

I’ve read the measuring instructions, why do I need to measure the distance to the nearest chimney flue opening?

This is to ensure easy measuring, installation and removal of your Chimney Sheep®. It also means the end of the handle can be seen in the fireplace, stopping anyone inadvertently lighting a fire with your Chimney Sheep® in place. A scenario you definitely want to avoid! However, you don’t have to measure the nearest opening. You could measure further up if it’s slightly narrower further up your flue. It’s quite fiddly measuring further up but you’d be able to get a smaller Chimney Sheep® (with some extension rods). It doesn’t really matter where you choose! Your Chimney Sheep will still work in the same way, wherever it sits in your chimney.

Why do you recommend getting a Chimney Sheep® a few inches bigger than my chimney flue?

The Chimney Sheep® draught excluder works by being a little bit bigger than the flue so it can grip onto the sides and hold itself in place. The amount of overlap doesn’t matter too much as the felt is squashy and can fit into a range of gaps.

You don’t seem to have a Chimney Sheep® that will fit my chimney. What do I do?

Our standard Chimney Sheep® sizes will fit the majority of chimney flues. However, if your chimney is larger than the parameters of our standard products, contact us with the measurements and we will give you a quote for a made-to-measure Chimney Sheep® that will fit your chimney perfectly!

How much is a bespoke Chimney Sheep®?

We work out the price according to the size of the ‘Sheep but it’s no more expensive for being tailor made for your chimney. For example, if you needed a 14″ square one it would be a bit more than the 13″ square one but not as much as the 12″ x 20″ one.

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Chimney & Fireplaces

I have a chimney cap - do I still need a Chimney Sheep®?

Even with the chimney capped a lot of warm air will rise into the chimney where it’s not needed. We don’t want to sell you something you don’t need, but the Chimney Sheep® has been trialed in capped chimneys with favourable results as it reduces the whistling wind noise that sometimes occurs through the chimney cap vents. It also stops dirt and mortar from spilling into the room from older chimneys.

Can I use a Chimney Sheep® in my gas flue?

Gas Safe state that gas flues must not be blocked. Customers do purchase Chimney Sheep® to draught-proof their chimneys above gas fires that are rarely used, making sure that the gas supply is turned off, the tag is visible and the safety sheep card is on display. However, Chimney Sheep Ltd cannot recommend that you use a Chimney Sheep® in a gas flue. Alternatively, you could use one of our magnetic fabric fireplace draught excluders, so long as there isn’t a lit pilot light.

If I have a functioning fireplace, can I use a Chimney Sheep®?

If you have a fireplace that you use regularly, you can still have a Chimney Sheep® as it is super simple to remove and insert as needed, using the handle attached. Before you have a fire, take it out and once your fire has finished and the chimney is cold, you can put it back in.

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Will a Chimney Sheep® reduce wind noise coming down my chimney?

Yes, a Chimney Sheep® will reduce wind noise from coming down the chimney. We can’t guarantee that it will deaden all sound but having a thick layer of felt in there will definitely muffle it. It will also reduce the airflow whistling through the chimney so it will reduce noise that way. Some customers increase the amount of sound insulation by having a net bag full of insulation wool above the Chimney Sheep® to make it even more effective. In this case, we would suggest using some of our ‘Useful Bit of Insulation’. Chimneys and how sound is amplified in them is a complicated thing but you can read a bit more about it here.

Will a Chimney Sheep® cause problems with damp?

The wool is naturally breathable and will allow some air to permeate through. If you have a problem with damp in a chimney it may be that the warm damp air is rising into the flue then condensing on the cold walls higher up. The Chimney Sheep® will prevent this warm air from rising so should cut off this source of damp. If you have a very damp home then you should look at whether it’s properly ventilated, but usually chimneys are a source of uncontrolled ventilation and consequently provide a bit too much of it.

Will a Chimney Sheep® stop the cat climbing up my chimney?

Yes! We have lots of people who buy a Chimney Sheep® for this purpose. By plugging the flue, it will ensure your cheeky feline friend stays safe and well away from the inside of your chimney flue.

There is a problem with my Chimney Sheep®, what do I do?

No matter how long you’ve had your Chimney Sheep®, you can always get in touch with us if you are having issues with it. We are always more than happy to help.

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I've seen Chimney Balloons for sale - how do these compare with Chimney Sheep®?

A Chimney Balloon is a good option for some circumstances. In fact, The Chimney Balloon Co is actually our sister company, so we like them a lot! They are great if you have a fireplace you don’t use because once in place they are a bit fiddly to take in and out. The Chimney Sheep® is easy to put in and take out as many times as you like so better suited to a fireplace that is being used regularly. We would also recommend a Chimney Balloon if you have a traditional Victorian fireplace surround with a damper flap as they are much easier to get into the chimney flue than a Chimney Sheep® would be. If you do go for an inflatable Chimney Balloon we would always say to avoid going for a universal sized balloon because they will not fit all sized chimneys and therefore won’t be as effective! We’d also suggest going for one from The Chimney Balloon Co as it is the only inflatable chimney draught excluder on the market that isn’t made of PVC. If you were to accidentally light a fire with a PVC balloon in place, it would give off chlorine gas fumes which can be quite dangerous.

Will my Chimney Sheep® get sooty?

Yes it will. However, any soot that is dislodged will just fall into the fireplace. Any loose soot on the 'Sheep can be gently shaken off into the grate. The wool head will get sooty but when it is not in the chimney it is kept in the log basket or in a bag, so is self-contained. If it is used regularly the section of chimney it is pushed into will become relatively clean, so there will not be large amounts of soot to worry about. If you did want to remove some of the soot, the best thing to do is just give it a quick hoover. If it becomes too dirty, it can be put in the compost heap and a new head purchased by contacting us directly.

Where do you put it when it's not in use?

You can buy one of our wraps or put it in a plastic bag. Some people just put it in a coal bucket at the side of the fire.

What if I forget it's there and light the fire?

Please try your best not to do that. Each Chimney Sheep® comes with its own reminder dangle, or you can buy more decorative ones, but always make sure there is a dangle visible in the fireplace to act as a reminder that there is an obstruction in the chimney. Remember, the person who put the Chimney Sheep® in place isn’t necessarily going to be the person who lights the fire, especially if it is in place for a while. However, if the worst comes to the worst and a fire is lit with the Chimney Sheep® in place, wool is naturally fire retardant. If it is exposed to a strong flame it will smoulder and give off a bad smell. The fire will not draw properly, and it will quickly become apparent that there is something blocking the chimney. The handle is also fire retardant so it won’t burst into flames or cause a fire hazard. If the Chimney Sheep® is used somewhere where there may be multiple users, such as a holiday house, make sure the warning card is kept somewhere visible.

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A note on bespoke Chimney Sheep® orders
If you have ordered a bespoke Chimney Sheep®, this will be dispatched within the estimated timeframe discussed when you place your order (seasonality causes this to vary month-on-month). These parcels are usually shipped using our expedited delivery service and should be delivered within 1-3 days of dispatch.

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  • We have a 60-day return policy, which means you have 60 days after receiving your item to return it.
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  • The postage cost for the return will need to be covered by yourself (please keep the proof of postage until your return has been processed).
  • Standard sized Chimney Sheep®: we appreciate that chimneys are hard to measure, but if you are not sure the Sheep is going to fit please wrap it in a plastic covering first so it doesn’t get all sooty (take the plastic off once you know it fits).
  • Bespoke Chimney Sheep®: we do not accept returns unless it is due to an error in the sizing on our part. However, we want you to be happy with your Chimney Sheep® so if it doesn’t fit let us know and we will see if an exchange can be arranged.

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Operation Wool

We love wool! Since 2018, we’ve bought the Herdwick wool we use to make our Chimney Sheep® directly from Cumbrian farmers. To help support our local farming network, we ensure that we pay a fair price for the wool which is usually more than the market price.


Buy Land, Plant Trees

At the core of Chimney Sheep is our Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees (BLPT). For every purchase you make with us, 20% of the profit facilitates the planting of trees on agriculturally poor land in Cumbria.



Sustainability is central to everything we do. It runs through our veins! Our mission is to provide you with sustainable solutions to everyday life, whilst ensuring that our own internal practices are as sustainable as possible too.


Add an accessory to your Chimney Sheep®

Enhance your Chimney Sheep® draught excluder with our selection of accessories and add-ons.


Customer Reviews

A Chimney Sheep® draught excluder is a brilliant tool for any property with an open chimney. But don’t just take our word for it... 

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Rita Strolin

Arrived in 48hrs.
Easy to fit and super effective—job done in a flash 👍

Good product: cuts down noise & draft.

Following the size calculator we ordered a 30cm round sheep for a 19x21cm rectangular flue.
The sheep took a few attempts to install due to the excess but it fits well & there's a noticeable reduction in noise and draft coming down the chimney.
Glad we ordered one of the extension rods too.
Quality product & fast delivery.

John McDonald
Just the job.

Great idea, easy to use and makes a difference.

Andrea Allez
Good job

Easily fitted and working well!

Good value

Good value for money , certainly keeps the heat in but no so much the noise which a balloon does. Product OK

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